Ke Apon Ke Por 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Mitti Visits the Senguptas


Ke Apon Ke Por 6th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In the most recent scene of Krishnakoli, Disha attempts to contact Shyama however her telephone is turned off. Disha understands that Aditya may have begun speculating her subsequent stage. She chooses to contact Shyama through the landline number.

At Chowdhury home, Aditya persuades Basanta to keep the land as home loan to spare their home. In any case, the relatives aren’t prepared. Ashoke opines that the land is the last belonging and they can’t utilize it. He attempts to discover some other way. Basanta separates while sharing that none else is prepared to fund them.

Shyama demands them to keep confidence. All of a sudden, the land line number begins ringing and Ashoke gets the call. Disha is realizes that Ashoke will illuminate everybody about the call and chooses to stay silent. Aditya begins suspecting.

Next time, when the telephone begins ringing by and by, Shyama means to get the call yet Aditya gets it. Disha is stunned to tune in to his voice.

Afterward, Shyama recommends talking with different financial specialists. While the relatives energize Shyama, Aditya debilitates her. Ashoke chooses to talk with the speculators.

Shyama and Sujata talk about Lakshmi puja. Sujata is vexed because of the contrasts between relatives.

Around evening time, Disha escapes into the nursery and binds a letter to a stone. She tosses it inside Nikhil’s room through the window. Shyama gets amazed and sees somebody in the nursery. Her voice awakens others.

Aditya sees the letter and shrouds it. Ashoke sees the stone and Shyama ponders in the case of something was attached to the stone. In any case, Aditya says there was nothing else.



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