Ke Apon Ke Por 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Tandra Thanks Swapnamoy


Ke Apon Ke Por 5th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In the most recent scene of Ke Apon Ke Por, the relatives gear up for Lakshmi puja at Param’s place. Thakurmoshai comes and starts puja. As the relatives are found feeling euphoric, a mysterious woman is equipping to visit their place. When Thakur Moshai requests that the women circulate the prasad, Lata advises she needs to perform Lakshmi puja by and by. Amiya, Param and others wonder why Lata is saying as much.

Thakurmoshai feels that Lata isn’t fulfilled by his commitment. In any case, Lata says she is more than fulfilled. The relatives get inquisitive. Right at that point, Lata asks Itu to appear the arrangement. Leaving everybody amazed, Lata and Itu decks up Joba and requests that her sit. Lata tells, Joba is the genuine Lakshmi for them and she needs to offer puja to her as an image of the god.

Joba feels enthusiastic and can’t express her sentiments while the other relatives commend the choice. Joba, who was a househelp at Lata’s place, finished her investigation and turned into an effective legal counselor. The relatives share the amount they feel pleased with her. Itu says, she thought about the arrangement and has orchestrated everything in advance.

Joba feels bashful and discloses to Lata that Palak is more established than her and she ought to be treated rather than her. Palak says she had purchased the ‘mukut’ for her. Thakurmoshai values Lata’s choice and says Joba is fortunate to have a relative like her.

Param jokes that he too should be offered with comparative regard. While the relatives offer puja to Joba, the unknown woman is seen coming towards their place.



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