Kawach 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Sandhya Misunderstands Angad


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The Episode begins with Madhuri calling Usha and other bahu and tells that she let that spirit slaughter Manju, however she won’t let her do anything. She says I saw her from the porch, and says she is a perilous lady with alarming voice. She is terrified and tells that spirit returned. They all get terrified. The entryways and windows begin opening and shutting. Madhuri says that spirit has murdered that man to stop kuldevi puja. Her more youthful bahu says we will tell everybody. Madhuri says we will stop the unfavorable thing which will occur. Angad comes to Suman and gets some information about Sandhya. Suman says Sandhya went out. Sandhya considers Nisha and Angad discussion and misconstrues them. She supposes Angad tells that he adores me since 2 years, yet why he is seen with Nisha dependably. She supposes if Shiv ji has picked Kapil for me,

yet, my marriage with Angad is tomorrow. She draws close to the bluff while strolling and doesn’t perceive that she has achieved the precipice. Witch comes there and makes Sandhya tumble from the bluff, however she holds the edge and is hanging. She petitions Shiv ji for assistance. She is going to climb, yet is going to fall, Kapil comes holding the roots and holds her hand. He causes Sandhya to ascend. Sandhya then encourages him move up. She asks would you say you are fine? Kapil inquires as to for what reason did you come here and reprimands her. She says you are reprimanding me? he says yes and says in the event that something transpired, at that point what might have occurred with me. She says on the off chance that you had kicked the bucket here, at that point Angad wouldn’t have known and says he couldn’t care less for you else he would have been here and spared you and not me. He says I came to here hearing your shout, appears as though God sent me for you. Sandhya takes a gander at him.

Wrongdoing branch officer tells Angad, Nisha and others that Ranjana and her dad kicked the bucket multi week and 12 hours back, however both of their bodies are spoiled and harmed. Nisha says after death uncovers that they kicked the bucket of heart assault, yet there was no history of any coronary illness in their family. She discloses to Angad that if their dead is identified with any phantom as Sandhya’s Dadi let us know. Angad says we are doing terrible to conceal this from Sandhya, her companion passed on. Nisha requests that he tell after the marriage.

Kapil thinks about Sandhya’s injury and blows on her hand. She applies restorative roots on his damage. Piya melody plays… .Kapil feels the torment. Sandhya says sorry for harming him. Kapil says I hurt you and said so much that you are astounded. He requests that her be ordinary. Sandhya says thanks to him for sparing her and says I came to realize that you are worried for me and says just those spare lives who are… Kapil says whom fate unites. She asks him to talk for all intents and purposes and requests what good reason did you hazard your life for me. He requests that her return home. Sandhya says my life has progressed toward becoming dance saw baffle and requests that he answer. Kapil says a few answers make the existence confused. Sandhya inquires as to why you come infront of me and what do you need from me. Kapil says my answer will assume you to the position and will make your family against you. She asks him to tell for what good reason he comes infront of her dependably. She says I can tune in and requests that he state. He holds her face and draws close to her. Sandhya moves her. He asks her not to convolute things and let herself become Angad’s better half. He says you can’t do anything. She is going to state yes..but Kapil leaves. Madhuri, Usha and Chachi go to the sanctuary. Madhuri advises that they need to meet Nageshwar baba and tells other Pandit ji that she can feel the terrible sight of somebody in their home and requests that he accomplish something. Pandit ji presents a few mantras and gives coconut enclosed by the material. He requests that her tie it in the house and says it will ensure all of you. He requests that her recall that no one will leave house today.

They get back home. Madhuri asks Ankit to tie the coconut outside the house. The detestable soul is outside the house. Ankit is tying the coconut underhanded soul breaks the table and makes him tumble down. Madhuri asks Pratibha and Usha to advise everybody not to go out in night. Sandhya returns home and supposes she won’t go to room as mangalsutra is inside. Suman inquires as to whether she is fine and requests that her prepare. She says we have shock for you. Mangalsutra is seen holding tight the entryway. The witch couldn’t go into the house. Worker returns home. The witch considers her name and murders her. She takes her symbol. Archana and Suman take Sandhya out. Sandhya inquires as to for what reason did we come here. They request that her pause and go. Sandhya is terrified. Power is exchanged on. Sandhya sees the beautifying lights. Angad comes there and says I cherish you. he causes her to sit on the table. Alvida melody plays… ..He lights the candles. She inquires as to why it is required? Angad says everybody helped me to enhance this spot and says your kin, my kin and my companion Nisha. Sandhya gets steamed and asks what are you stowing away? Angad says I am not stowing away. Sandhya requests that he tell that there is nothing among Nisha and him. She says you are engaging in extramarital relations with her. Angad says I adore you and have an unsanctioned romance with you since 2 years. Sandhya says you kissed and embraced her on the hall. Angad says it is a misconception and tells that he held her as she slipped. She inquires as to why he was disclosing to Nisha that she will not know something. Angad says I can’t reveal to you now and will tell after marriage. Sandhya says then marriage won’t occur tomorrow. Angad requests that her trust him. Sandhya says how to confide in you. Angad says did I double-cross anybody and requests that her trust him. He says in the event that I had cherished another person, at that point for what reason would I wed you. He requests that her look in his eyes and sees her face. Tune plays… ..

Witch comes there in Servant Pallavi’s symbol and interferes with their minute. She requests that they wed today itself and says today is the huge night, in the event that anybody changes the festoon this evening, at that point their marriage occurs. She says Shivji favors the couple and says that Jodi who isn’t good or deceiving each other can’t achieve that sanctuary. She goes. Angad reveals to Sandhya that they will go to sanctuary and wed this evening, in the event that she needs his verification of affection. Everybody is getting a charge out of sustenance in the house. Phupha ji eats something and requests water. Angad’s mom Malini gets some information about Angad and Sandhya. Ankit says I will call them. Madhuri asks them not to go out today around evening time. Vinayak jokes that he will bolt the entryway so no spirit comes inside. Madhuri requests that they do as she says.

Sandhya prepares for the marriage. Archana advises that Dadi requested that they remain at home. Sandhya tells that there is a misconception between them, she needs to go to sanctuary with Angad today. Suman requests that her go. Archana requests that her grin. Angad prepares for the marriage. Ankit comes and approaches in the event that he is practicing for marriage. Angad asks him not to tell anybody. Ankit, Archana and Suman turn out and advise that Sandhya and Angad need to have nourishment together in room.

Sandhya thinks Angad didn’t come till now. She leaves room. Ranjana shows up and says don’t go out. Sandhya goes to Angad’s room while Angad goes to Sandhya’s room. He sees Nisha standing. Nisha tells that she saw mangalsutra here and says it is one of a kind and lovely. They hear somebody crying and come to kitchen. Nisha sees the message on mirror cautioning them not to go out today.

Angad asks who composed this. Mangalsutra tumbles down from Nisha’s hand and they feel the odd things occurring as the utensils move in air. Nisha is pushed out of kitchen and the entryway gets bolted. Nisha sees witch holding her neck in the mirror. Angad turns out and asks what was the deal? He asks Nisha to quiet down. Sandhya comes there and sees Nisha and Angad on bed and misjudges them. She bolts the entryway and goes. Angad says you are misconception me. Sandhya leaves room and sees Vinayak and others having nourishment. She leaves the house. Crematorium ground and witch is appeared.

Precap: Sandhya comes to sanctuary and questions Shiv ji. Kapil comes there and tells that Shiv ji unites them. He tells that their wreaths and his blood in her maang is all predetermination.


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