Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Viraj Makes A Request To Veena


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Ronit taking off his shirt and fleeing. Police comes. Shekhar shows Ronit’s garments. He says whoever attempted to execute my sister, he ought to be gotten. They hear somebody shouting. Monitor says open the entryway, who is inside, I will break the entryway. They open the entryway and see the technician fallen. Technician says capture me, I m prepared to turn into an observer, I realize who needs to murder Prerna. Shekhar says disclose to me the name of the individual.

Viraj blows up and reviews Komolika’s words. He says I must be alert, she compromised about Nitara. He breaks the glass with his hand. His hand drains. He cleans the blood. He requests that the woman give the drug to Veena twice, none should know it. The woman requests cash, I work for Sharmas, however I accomplish genuine work for you. He pays her. She goes. Repairman blacks out. Monitor says he will let us know, let him get cognizant. Ronit gets into a taxi and approaches the driver for his shirt. He pays the shirt for 2000rs. Komolika is headed. Ronit wears the cab driver’s shirt. He calls her. She answers and says don’t state the work didn’t occur, I m tired of hearing your reasons, I don’t have anybody to trust, I can’t do this by itself. He says I went to accomplish work, police captured him, work couldn’t finish. She stops the vehicle when a vehicle comes in front. The men chide her. She drives away.

Anurag returns home. Anupam says I was sitting tight for you, I was on the patio and saw you following Viraj, let me know, what’s happening. Anurag says nothing, you know I m stressed for Prerna, I felt that Viraj is a correct person for Prerna, today I felt he is certifiably not a correct person for her, I feel he isn’t like he shows up, I asked him something, he misled me, he didn’t have to lie. Anupam says break this marriage, you will be cheerful and even Prerna will be glad. Anurag inquires as to for what reason will Prerna be glad.

Anupam says I mean, its preferable to stop the marriage over remaining in an awful marriage. Anurag gestures. He calls Shivani. Shivani answers. He says sorry to upset you around evening time, is Prerna wakeful, I have to converse with her. Shivani says she is alert, sit tight for two mins. She keeps the telephone there. She says Prerna is coming, hang on. He says no issue. Shekhar asks where is Prerna. Prerna comes. Shekhar says police captured the technician who bombed the vehicle brakes, presently he will come clean. Anurag hears this and calls Moloy. He says I need some help from your magistrate companion. Prerna says possibly the call separated, I will call him later, I realize who is attempting to hurt me, Sonalika. Shekhar gets stunned.

Anurag goes to the police headquarters. Controller says chief called, he requested that I permit you to meet the technician, yet only 5 mins. Anurag goes. Shekhar asks Sonalika? For what reason didn’t you let me know previously, I won’t leave her. Prerna says she is hurting me thinking I m grabbing Anurag, I have an arrangement to make her out of our lives, Anurag won’t feel awful, her genuine face will get known. He asks what’s your arrangement. She says simply pause and watch.

Anurag goes to the repairman’s cell. He gets 5 mins. He bolts the cell from inside. Constable says you can’t do this. Anurag says now and then one needs to foul up to do right, I m sorry, he attempted to kill two lives, I didn’t overstep law till now, I don’t care for it, I will allow you five seconds, state the name, I will leave you. He checks and slaps. He says I realize you won’t state. He pounds them. Repairman says I will tell the police. Anurag inquires as to for what reason didn’t you say at that point. Constable says I need to call the assessor.

He requests that Inspector come, Anurag is beating the repairman. Overseer comes and says Anurag, turn out, you were offered time to meet him, not attack. Anurag requests that he state. Technician reviews Komolika’s words and thinks madam has sent her significant other to murder me. He says I will say, the individual has … . with Prerna. Police enters the cell by opening the lock. They get Anurag out. Anurag blows up. Assessor admonishes Anurag. Anurag thinks marriage with Prerna… ..Mechanic says she has ill will with Prerna, that is Sonalika. Anurag thinks Viraj… . does he need to execute Prerna. Veena gets unsteady. The woman, Madhu holds her. Veena says I won’t eat the medication. Madhu requests that her sit, and goes to make tea. Viraj comes and welcomes Veena. He says I wish Prerna was here, I will converse with all of you, I got a major task in Dubai, its everything in your grasp now. The servant includes the drug in the tea.

Veena asks what. Viraj says proposition is time touchy, I needed to inquire as to whether I can wed Prerna tomorrow, since we need to leave in 3 days, I would prefer not to lose her, if it’s not too much trouble Madhu gets tea. Veena requests that he take it. Madhu signs no to him. Viraj asks Veena to have it. Veena thinks I like this coalition, Viraj can make Prerna overlook Anurag, its great that she goes to Dubai with him. Veena says I have no complaint, I need to surge with courses of action. Viraj says I will help. Komolika thinks if technician takes my name. Mohini and Nivedita inquire as to for what reason are you apprehensive. Prerna comes. Komolika says stop, don’t set out to come inside this house. Mohini gets astounded. They turn and see Prerna. Mohini inquires as to for what reason are you talking this way. Komolika asks how might she spare Anurag’s life, when she is pregnant.

Precap: Komolika says in the event that you are picking this young lady, at that point I will go out, or request that her leave. Viraj says I m wedding Prerna tomorrow. Anurag comes to check Viraj’s home. Viraj’s worker educates him. Anurag gets a satchel. Prerna gets drugs and says Sonalika is giving these meds to Anurag.


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