Kasautii Zindagii Kay 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Anurag’s Odd Statement


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The Episode begins with Anurag saying I have guaranteed Prerna that just she is his significant other and will have all rights on me. Prerna requests that controller capture Komolika. Anurag says I don’t need Prerna to get captured. Nivedita and Anupam contend. Mohini asks Anupam to go to his room. Komolika takes Anurag with him. Suman says I will get Shivani. Kaki says we heard she is exceptionally lovely, we need to see her. Veena says on the off chance that you are concurring for the marriage, we would prefer not to rush, my better half passed away as of late. Shivani accompanies Suman. The person Aryan grins seeing her. Shivani welcomes everybody.

Suman asks Aryan and Shivani to proceed to have a discussion. Aryan’s mum says we have no issue. Veena holds Shivani’s hand. She says Shivani is valuable to us, we don’t have anything else to give you, we will attempt

to influence it to up. Aryan says its a major thing that you are giving your little girl. Shivani and Aryan go for a discussion. Komolika says you just said Prerna is your better half, at that point who am I, its enough, she has grabbed my significant other, she needs to go to imprison, on the off chance that anybody attempts to agree with her position, that individual ought to be prepared to hold up under the outcomes. She says enough, you can’t trap me with your cajoles, I won’t extra Prerna, would whatever you like to, yet I won’t excuse Prerna.

He says enough, I did as such much for you, I endeavor to cherish you, you simply presume me, you simply continue provoking me, in all actuality something different, this demonstrates you claim to adore me, an individual who genuinely adores somebody comprehends, Prerna tells the world that she adores me, I decline to her affection for you, despite everything you think I m supporting her, that is not the situation, I was sparing our wedding band in the shopping center, not Prerna, its fine on the off chance that you don’t trust me, abandon me, yet I won’t leave Prerna, simply pause and watch, what I do. He returns to Prerna. He thinks about Komolika’s words. Investigator says I think Komolika is lying, you need to come to police headquarters and give proclamation, we will leave Prerna. Anurag inquires as to for what reason will I give a composed explanation to support her, I recently said that she is my better half and none can remove her, its actual, I promised her that she has rights on me, we as a whole have played amusements with dolls in youth, they take pledges likewise, Prerna accepts it as a fact. He lies that that marriage in the sanctuary was a play, Prerna realized it was a demonstration, presently she is putting weight on me. Prerna says we got hitched.

Anurag says nobody else tells about this marriage, truth is Prerna is playing with our family. Mohini says indeed, she is extorting us for cash and power, Anurag and Komolika have hitched before whole Kolkata. Nivedita says Prerna is here for the cash, she is setting up a demonstration. Prerna thinks Anurag have deceived and broken me by and by, I will never pardon you. She gets captured. She says I despise you Anurag, I loathe myself for beginning to look all starry eyed at you, I won’t extra you.

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Shivani says my family was glad when a proposition wanted me, mum is everything for me since father left. She says I took part in an extramarital entanglements with a person, I was very genuine about him, I will regard your choice. He asks do despite everything you cherish that person. She says no, those things don’t make a difference to me now, a human commits numerous errors throughout everyday life, that was the greatest mix-up of my life. She says its great that it was a mix-up, beginning to look all starry eyed at isn’t a wrongdoing, that is past, not a character declaration, do you wish to wed me, sorry, you will begin loving me, I can ensure this, give me your assent with the goal that I can tell everybody. She says you are a decent individual. He says I will proceed to reveal to them that we acknowledge this coalition. She grins. Nivedita says Prerna is at long last gone. Mohini says Komolika battled and won, I m happy. Komolika says I would prefer not to assume the praise, it goes to Anurag, I need to apologize to him. Mohini says go to him and accommodate. Komolika goes.

Ronit comes to meet Shivani. He reproves her for consenting to wed another person. He says you will dependably be of me, you will get hitched just to me. She requests that he leave. He says don’t outrage me, on the off chance that I lose my temper, I won’t abandon you. She says I lament to experience passionate feelings for an individual like you. He cries and inquires as to for what reason do you abhor me, its alright, nothing can prevent me from adoring you. She hits him and runs out. He gets a firearm.

Komolika apologizes to Anurag. She says I trust you. He says I can hardly imagine how you don’t trust my adoration. Anupam goes to him. Aryan says Shivani, I advised my choice to them, would you like to wed me. Shivani gets terrified seeing Ronit. She says I acknowledge this proposition. Everybody embraces and grins. Ronit welcomes everybody. He gets compromising Aryan. He requests that Aryan avoid Shivani. He says she is mine. Shekhar says put the firearm down. Ronit asks Aryan and his folks to leave. Aryan’s mum gets furious. Ronit says look Shivani, Aryan is leaving. He chides Kaki and asks her not to attempt to get a coalition for Shivani once more. Veena slaps Ronit.

Ronit says Shivani is mine, she might be hitched to me, regardless of whether all of you like it or not. He leaves. Anurag considers Prerna and cries.

Precap: Anurag and Prerna embrace. Komolika says Anurag, you figured you will swindle me and I won’t do anything, none can swindle me.


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