Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Anurag Suspects Viraj


Kasautii Zindagii Kay 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Viraj calling Anurag and asking are you fine. Anurag says I m fine. Viraj says I found a good pace the bombed vehicle brakes, I m driving since quite a while and attempting to support you, I m happy you are fine. Anurag says Prerna is with me, we are at medical clinic, she is getting fastens. Viraj says I m coming. Anurag calls Shivani and tells everything. Veena is headed with family. She says we need to make Anurag and Prerna away, in the event that Prerna is fine, at that point she will get connected with Viraj before Anurag. Anupam and Moloy prepare. They get stunned seeing the updates on Anurag’s mishap, he is conceded in medical clinic, his life is out of risk. Moloy asks what, we ought to go there.

Nivedita and Mohini are en route. Nivedita calls him and requests a petroleum siphon on that course. She says we are going to discover Anu. Anupam says he is fine, he is sheltered, he is at city clinic. Nivedita says we are coming. Viraj embraces Anurag and says I know Prerna couldn’t care less for herself when its about you, disclose her to consider the coming youngster, you concur right. Anurag gestures. Viraj says I love her a great deal. He cries. Anurag thinks he is correct, I will take Prerna to commitment setting. Medical attendant says Prerna got the fastens, she is fine, she is calling you. Anurag expresses profound gratitude, Viraj you can come, Prerna doesn’t have any acquaintance with you are here.

Viraj finds Komolika’s call and solutions. She says I m arriving at the emergency clinic, don’t advise anything to Anurag and turn out. Anurag thinks where is he going, did they move Prerna to other ward. Viraj meets Komolika. She sees a some folks gazing. Viraj sends them. She requests that he call Nitara and request that her stay there. She compromises him. She says I detest her. He says don’t utter a word, she is my significant other, I love her. She says ask her not to call me and inconvenience, she should call you. She leaves. Anurag comes there and just observes her ring. The folks talk and state she is Viraj’s GF, she is more hot than his old GF. Anurag gets some information about Viraj. Viraj asks Anurag what are you doing here. Viraj says my mother had come, I had sent her. Anurag thinks. Viraj goes. The media comes. Anurag comes to Prerna. They grin. Viraj comes.

The journalists tell about Anurag’s mishap, he is fine now, he just went in. Viraj asks are you fine Prerna, I was crying. Anurag thinks bizarre, who tells such things, there is something fishy. Medical attendant gets the release papers. Viraj says I will take care of the tabs. Prerna says we aren’t locked in. Viraj says she will be fiancee. He figures it will be hard to persuade her for marriage. Mohini, Komolika and family comes. Media addresses them. Veena and Shivani get some information about Prerna. The woman says they have just left from here. Moloy asks Anupam to call Anurag and get some information about Prerna.

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Mohini gazes at Veena. Anurag deals with Prerna. Viraj looks on. Anurag says father and everybody arrived at the medical clinic, we came here, they will be coming. Everybody gets back home. Veena says I m much annoyed. Prerna says I know and embraces her. Shekhar asks are you fine, Prerna, Anurag. Anurag sees Mohini crying. Komolika embraces him. He embraces Moloy and goes to embrace Mohini. He supports Mohini. He says I m here due to Prerna, it was her thought. He tells everything. Viraj gets a call and says yes mother, alright, I will ask, pause. He says aunt, mother is approaching on the off chance that we can go for commitment, visitors are pausing. Veena says truly, come. Mohini sees Anurag. Prerna and Anurag think about one another’s words. Kasauti… .plays… ..

Prerna says hold up a min, I would prefer not to do this commitment, I can’t do this. Veena inquires as to why. Prerna says my hand is harmed, I know Viraj won’t compel me to wear ring in other hand. Viraj says I won’t. Prerna expresses gratitude toward him. Komolika blows up and goes. She calls Ronit and asks where is that technician. Ronit inquires as to why, is everything fine. Komolika says Prerna would not get ready for marriage, her finger is harmed, simply murder the repairman, Shekhar has seen him, police can contact us. Prerna comes. They contend. Prerna says I won’t endure on the off chance that anything happens to Anurag. Komolika says he is only mine. Prerna says you don’t know love, individuals give life in adoration, they don’t take lives. Komolik says you would have kicked the bucket on the off chance that you sat in that vehicle, wed Viraj and escape, child will get father’s name. Prerna says you can’t see it well, my life is delightful, you attempted to hurt me, Anurag was there, you attempted to hurt Anurag, I was there, we are made for one another, he is mine and I m of him.

Precap: Prerna says I m wearing Anurag’s ring, I did acting to stay away from Viraj’s ring. Komolika says Anurag’s heart pulsates for Prerna. Shekhar gets some information about technician. Investigator finds the alcoholic technician. Anurag considers Viraj, I need to discover.


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