Kasautii Zindagii Kay 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Komolika Wants Prerna Dead


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The Episode begins with Anurag getting some information about their companionship and connection. Nivedita demands and takes him for breakfast. Anupam asks Prerna how are you. Prerna says I m fine and cheerful too. She offers prasad to Anupam. He says I m sure that his memory will return soon. She says truly, I m anticipating the day. Mohini asks what’s this container doing here, I requested that you toss it. Moloy says its your resting pills. She says I wasn’t with Anurag at the medical clinic on account of the pills, discard it. Anurag embraces her. She cries and says sorry.

She sees Prerna. They all sit to eat. Anurag asks Debu to serve desserts to Prerna. Moloy gets a call. He says Nivedita you didn’t inform me concerning the new year celebration. Nivedita says don’t stress, all courses of action are done, unwind. Moloy asks Prerna to get her whole family. Mohini says and Viraj likewise, he is additionally part of your family. Komolika says truly, you ought to get your family and future spouse, they ought to be here, right Anurag. He says indeed, Prerna get Viraj, it will be acceptable.

Shivani says I have incited Komolika, Anurag recalls what he feels for you, so Komolika will blow up, we must be wary. Prerna says don’t stress, I m prepared to confront her, I will go with Viraj, Anurag may review his memory, I won’t lose any opportunity, I will put everything on stake. Komolika says before Prerna reminds Anurag anything, I need to murder her, Ronit simply execute her. Ronit says done, on the off chance that Anurag frenzies and sees Prerna in terrible circumstance, at that point what, we won’t care to trigger his memory, we shouldn’t execute her in the gathering. She asks what will I do. He says unwind, we will hijack her and afterward Prerna’s the end… .

Anurag considers Prerna. He says I want to lose something. Viraj sees the tilak rasam pics. He sees Anurag and Prerna. He says I need to converse with Prerna, I can’t proceed in view of the family. He thinks to break connection if there is anything over kinship among Prerna and Anurag.

Nivedita invites visitors. Anupam goes to her. He praises her. Moloy says come here… . Anupam asks what. Moloy inquires as to for what reason are you playing with my little girl. Anupam says there are barely any occasions when she gets cheerful. Moloy says I asked you since I don’t get such possibilities. Moloy invites Prerna and family. Veena wishes him and Mohini for the achievement. Mohini says Prerna, you aren’t permitted here without Viraj, I m kidding… . Prerna says he would be coming. Mohini says Veena you are fortunate that Viraj is your child in law. Veena says I know. Moloy takes them along. Mohini stops Prerna and says center around your significant other, not on another person’s better half. Prerna says I m focussing on my better half, I trust you found your solution. Mohini thinks she is noting me, I will get harmony when she leaves from our lives.

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Komolika stops Prerna to insult. Prerna says you generally consider me and Viraj, you are attempting to make Anurag away, yet you will make me all the more closer to Anurag. They contend. Mohini calls Sonalika. Prerna searches for Anurag. Anurag goes to Mohini’s room. Prerna’s saree stalls out. She attempts to pull it. Her shirt snare gets torn. She goes to Mohini’s room. Anurag asks Prerna do you need something. He sees her pullover snare hook tearing. He asks do you need a needle and string. He says I can support you, you can rely upon me, I like to support you, I believe I told this previously, this occurred previously. He reviews. Mohini and Komolika come there. Mohini says your mum is calling me. Prerna goes. He says I have to talk. Mohini says I have demon work. She takes Komolika along. She says Sonalika, if Anurag talks about Prerna, stay away from him, I didn’t educate you regarding his past, it didn’t make a difference previously, there was something among Prerna and Anurag, he shouldn’t recall it, else he will get emotions, let this be covered up. Komolika asks what do you intend to state. Mohini says they were not a couple, simply something was there. She goes. Komolika thinks the issue is likewise old like your age, disclose to me something I don’t have a clue. Viraj praises Prerna and gives her blooms. She says you should give the blossoms to Moloy. He says I have just offered it to him. He thinks I needed to state I can’t wed you, presently I believe I can’t state this. Anurag sees them.

Viraj says I need to make a telephone call, I will simply come, would i be able to state something, your grin is beautiful. She says Anurag likewise says this. Anurag figures for what reason do I feel so desirous. Viraj says I m sure. He goes. Prerna gives the blooms to the server. She says ask Debu to place these blooms in a container. Ronit takes the server’s mask. He says be prepared, I m coming to abduct Prerna.

Precap: Komolika says get Prerna. Ronit says we need to capture this young lady. Viraj says I will hit the dance floor with Prerna. Komolika says no, Anurag needs to hit the dance floor with Prerna, he prefers her a great deal. Viraj gets stunned. Ronit signs his goons.


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