Kartik Purnima 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Vicky Challenges Kartik


Kartik Purnima 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Twinkle eats a cake at the gathering and glances around. She comes to Purnima and says you are covering up? Purnima chuckles and eats a cake with her. Twinkle says I can apply mehndi on your hand. What is your significant other’s name? Purnima says Vicky. Twinkle is going to compose it on her hand yet Soni calls her so she leaves.

Vicky’s significant other is searching for Purnima and sees her in the nursery. All beginning the move exhibitions. The lady comes to Purnima and says you are wedding a fake. I know who you will wed. Vicky comes there and sees his better half. He says what she is doing here? I am gone at this point. The spouse is going to come clean to Purnima however Twinkle takes Purnima from that point. Twinkle welcomes her on the stage and calls Kartik as well. She begins hitting the dance floor with them. Soni blows up. Kartik begins hitting the dance floor with Purnima on Hello.. Soni is miffed to see it. All are strained. Sumrit brings Shanaya on the stage and hits the dance floor with her. All relatives go along with them. Abruptly the lights go off. Soni has killed the lights and says I can’t see that young lady with my child, she has crossed all cutoff points today. Purnima is searching for the lady.

Kartik goes to beware of the lights. Vicky snatches his better half and puts a blade on her neck, he says on the off chance that you don’t stop, at that point I will murder you.

Scene 2

Soni discloses to Purnima that you are improper, how could you hit the dance floor with my child? Remain in your cutoff points. Purnima says I am heartbroken. Soni says you know my conditions for this wedding, recall you asked to me?

Vicky’s significant other cries and says leave me, I will runaway and not return here. Vicky requests that her run. She leaves from that point.

Soni discloses to Purnima that I don’t need your shadow right now, will pay for this. Get lost from here. Purnima leaves.

Kartik is searching for Purnima. He sees an outline and believes it’s Purnima. He says I need to reveal to you that Vicky is a cheat, he discloses to her beginning and end. The individual turns and it’s Vicky. Vicky says you think about me now? Kartik says you have admitted that you are a fake. Vicky says who are you to Purnima? I am hazardous and Purnima won’t hear you out, you have no strong evidence. I will wed Purnima in 2 days and you won’t have the option to do anything, he leaves from that point. Kartik is strained.

Kartik says Vicky is sure as I don’t have a proof.

PRECAP-Kartik reveals to Kuldeep that I need to discuss Vicky, he isn’t what he appears as. Nani calls Vicky and asks what he is upto? Vicky says don’t stress, I will end Purnima’s section today. Vicky comes to Purnima and attempts to assault her.


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