Kartik Purnima 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik Wants To Know About Vicky’s Reality


Kartik Purnima 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Kartik stops Vicky and asks who was the lady? Vicky says nobody, she was requesting help. Kartik says I will drop you home. Vicky sits in his vehicle.

Beeji comes to Purnima and inquires as to for what reason would you say you are dismal? Purnima says I will miss your affection, I need to take you with me. I would prefer not to leave you individuals here. Beeji embraces her and says this is the standard.

Kartik gets some information about his home. Vicky is strained and holds his pack tight. Kartik requests that he put his sack in the back. Vicky says you can drop me here in the city. He takes his pack and leaves. One record was dropped in the vehicle.

Kartik is calling Purnima yet she doesn’t see his call. Kartik is stressed.

Toward the beginning of the day, all are planning for mehndi in Kartik’s home. Kartik says I need to converse with Purnima. Soni requests that the administrator bring more young ladies for mehndi. Twinkle says I can chip in as well. Soni’s significant other says I will do the courses of action.

Kartik goes to Purnima’s home however observes Vicky there. Vicky says I came here to give Purnima her visa and tickets. Kartik reviews the name on his document and thinks he is playing a game or perhaps I am off-base. Kuldeep comes there and requests that Kartik plunk down. Kartik says I am here to take all of you for the mehndi. He asks Purnima for what reason she isn’t prepared? Purnima says I have some work. Kartik requests that Vicky come as well, we will like on the off chance that you both go to the capacity. Vicky says we are a family so we will come. Vicky’s genuine spouse covers up outside the house and figures I won’t let him annihilate another young lady’s life.

Scene 2

Shanaya goes to the mehndi work. Sumrit is entranced to see her. Soni sees Purnima coming there with Vicky and blows up. They all welcome one another. Kartik asks Soni to unwind, I called Purnima and Vicky here. He acquaints Vicky with Soni and says Purnima is wedding him, he will leave to Canada with Purnima so I called them here.

Vicky’s genuine spouse goes to the gathering and thinks I need to come clean to the young lady.

Soni calls Kuldeep and says you didn’t tell about Purnima’s proposition. Kuldeep says we are fortunate to get a decent proposition for her. Soni says your girls have good karma. Young ladies don’t get great proposition nowadays particularly on the off chance that… she frowns at Purnima and says how about we start the capacity. She approaches Kartik to bring their uncle for the capacity. I will give you the location. Kartik gestures and leaves.

All beginning moving in the mehndi. Vicky is getting a charge out of the gathering when his significant other comes there and stows away. She sees Purnima there. Soni sees Purnima savoring water a glass and blows up. She begins moving toward her. Vicky’s better half is going to converse with her however Soni comes there. Purnima says I realize you don’t need me to come before you, I am attempting that as well. Soni says I don’t need your shadow right now. Purnima says OK.

PRECAP-Purnima and Kartik move in Sumrit and Shanaya’s mehndi. Soni is irate. Vicky reveals to Kartik that you think about my reality yet I am wedding Purnima in two days and you can’t stop it.


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