Kartik Purnima 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik Buys A Saree For Purnima


Kartik Purnima 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Shanaya reveals to Sumrit that she is prepared to wed him. Kartik feels that Shanaya is stating something to me and other thing to Sumrit. Sumrit parts of the bargains embraces Kartik.

Bina brings Shanaya to the boutique. Soni invites them. Bina says I have brought my worker (Purnima) too for the sacks. Soni requests that her sit away. Soni begins shopping with Shanaya. Sumrit says I will pick a saree for her. Kartik calls Soni and says I will bring your sack, you overlooked it. Bina solicits the expense from the saree. The vender says Soni doesn’t request the expense ever. He says the beginning cost is 50K. Bina says this is excessively broad. Shanaya likes a saree. Sonia says I like this. I will blessing this to Shanaya.

Purnima sits in the shop and likes a red dress.

Kartik goes to the shop and gives the sack to Soni. Shanaya inquires as to whether he prefers her saree? He says yes. Shanaya says I will get it. Kartik leaves from that point.

Kartik sees Purnima in the shop and grins at her difficult the red dupatta of wedding. Soni calls him to her and requests his decision. He is strained and leaves from that point.

Purnima requests the cost of the saree and it’s 5K. Purnima believes that she can’t bear the cost of it. The dealer says this red shading won’t suit your composition. Kartik hears it. Purnima leaves from that point. Kartik goes to the vender and says how might you remark on somebody’s appearance, absolutely never state that again. He purchases the saree and Soni calls him.

Scene 2

Bina cals Purnima in the shop and requests that her convey the packs. Purnima attempts to convey a great deal of the packs and tumbles down. She says I am heartbroken. Soni says would you say you are visually impaired? Remain in your breaking points. Chachi reveals to Bina that you should prepare your hireling to call Soni a madam. Bina asks Purnima to express sorry to them. Purnima says sorry to Soni and calls her a madam.

Shanaya demonstrates her sarees to Beeji. Kuldeep approaches Purnima in the event that she brought something for herself? She says no. Bina says the shop was over the top expensive so we was unable to manage the cost of it for her. Purnima says I don’t wear sarees, I will wear something old. You blessing me a red saree in my wedding in particular. Try not to stress now. A kid brings a bundle for Purnima and leaves. All look on. Purnima opens the package to see it’s a similar red saree. Shanaya says I am certain she has a sweetheart. Purnima says I don’t have the foggiest idea who got this for me, I am not lying. Bina says come clean with us, who is your sweetheart that is sending you these sarees?

Chachi brings the espresso for Soni. Soni is irate. Chachi says that hireling considered you an aunt like she is your family member. She is offending you continually, you should give her value. Soni reviews her occurrences and says she should pay for her deeds.

PRECAP-Soni calls Bina and requests that her send her hireling (Purnima) to her home. Bina concurs. Soni figures I will demonstrate spot to that hireling.


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