Kartik Purnima 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik Realizes Purnima Is His Childhood Friend


Kartik Purnima 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Purnima discloses to Bina that I didn’t do anything incorrectly that is the reason I am noting you back. Bina says how could you to answer me back, she is going to slap her yet Beeji stops her.

Kartik sees a man getting sick out and about. It’s Kuldeep. Kartik checks him and says you need rest. He takes him to his vehicle.

Kartik brings Kuldeep to his home. He checks him and says he is simply got dried out don’t as well stress. He gives him some prescription and begins to leave. Shanaya says I will make tea for you. Kartik says no I have work, he leaves.

Kartik leaves the house and says don’t have the foggiest idea what to do about Shanay. He strolls and hits with Purnima. Her plait stalls out in his stethoscope. She attempts to take it out and sees the bangle that he provided for a young lady in adolescence in her arm. He thinks she is that young lady. Purnima says you here? Kartik says I needed to drop somebody. Purnima goes to her home. Kartik says she should be Shanaya’s companion.

Purnima comes to Kuldeep and inquires as to whether he is fine? Beeji says Soni’s child dropped him here. Shanaya says I wish I wedded Kartik Mehra and not Sumrit. Bina requests that her stop it.

Scene 2

Soni requests that her supervisor discover great models for her. Chachi says you need everything great, I am stressed over the commitment. Soni says don’t stress, they can’t fulfill our guidelines so we will blessing the dress to Shanaya. Chachi says OK.

Chachi calls Bina and says Soni is calling all of you to a showroom for shopping. Bina says we will be there, she expresses gratitude toward her and parts of the bargains. Shanaya says we shouldn’t get late. Kuldeep says all of you can go. Purnima says I will deal with Kuldeep here. Bina reviews Soni offending her and believes it’s acceptable that she remains back. Kuldeep says no Purnima is going as well. Shanaya says Soni has called her future little girl in law and not her. Kuldeep says she is going and that is conclusive. Purnima looks on.

Kartik comes to Sumrit and says I met your future dad in law, he is fine at this point. Kartik says would you say you are certain that Shanaya needs to wed you as well? Sumrit says don’t stress, how about we call her. He calls shanaya and puts it on the speaker. Sumrit says verse for Shanaya. Shanaya says who is this? Sumrit says you have prevailed upon my heart, I simply needed to inquire as to whether you are content with this marriage? Shanaya says truly, I am cheerful. Kartik is stunned to hear that.

PRECAP-Purnima chooses a red dupatta in the shop. Kartik sees it and grins at her. Purnima hits with Soni and says sorry. Soni says how could you Purnima says mami.. (shouting to Bina). Soni says mami?


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