Kartik Purnima 17th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kartik Calls Purnima


Kartik Purnima 17th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Purnima appeals to master and says for what reason do individuals separate between people? I wish I could change the view of individuals. She sees diya not lit up and begins to do that. Soni enters the mandir and blows up observing somebody litting up the diya. She says to the cleric that how could you let another person enter the mandir before me? Purnima says don’t admonish him, it was my deficiency. Sonia says how could you enter this mandir before me? I possess this mandir. Purnima says this mata have made this world, she doesn’t separate between people based on their skin shading. In the event that Mata reveals to me that I am off-base, at that point I will leave from here. She appeals to Mata and leaves. Chachi says she is a worker at that point how could she talk this way? The minister says we can’t snooze off her diya so Soni should lit another diya.

Shanaya converses with Bina and says Soni needs me to not enter the magnificence exhibition? I will participate in it as it’s my fantasy. Bina says once you wed Sumrit then you can do anything you need. Shanaya says I need to wed Kartik just, I don’t care for Sumrit. She leaves.

Scene 2

Kartik lauded Purnima’s eyes and how she admonished him that he was a liar. Kartik reviews that she filled a structure and calls Tannu to send her record.

Purnima says I have met Soni multiple times and both were bad gatherings, I shouldn’t have said such a great amount to her. She isn’t the first to insult my composition. She shouldn’t break the proposition as a result of me. I ought to accomplish something.

Soni reviews Purnima’s words and says she has crossed all lines, I will cause her to ask to me.

Toward the beginning of the day, Sumrit is eating margarine yet Soni requests that he dodge slick nourishment as his better half is a model. His sister says that we ought to get them connected as she will give me eating less junk food tips. Soni says why pause? We will do commitment tomorrow in our manor. Sumrit grins. The hireling brings the record for Kartik. Soni takes it however Kartik comes and takes the record from her. He says I have some work. He leaves.

Kartik goes to his room and checks Purnima’s record. He calls her yet Shanaya accepts the call. Kartik inquires as to whether she is Purnima? She says no yet who right? Shanaya cuts the call and inquires as to whether she has some kid? Purnima says I don’t have the foggiest idea what you are discussing.

Kartik attempts to check the location in Purnima’s record however it’s missing.

Shanaya discloses to Bina that a kid was calling Purnima, she has a sweetheart that she is stowing away. Bina admonishes Purnima and says you are being characterless. Purnima says enough, you can reveal to me anything other than don’t insult my character.

PRECAP-Kartik sees Purnima and she ties his wristband. He reviews how same thing occurred in their youth.


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