Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: The Demons Get Salvation Chanting Ram


Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Devraj Indra asking all the devtas to assault the force/leg by and large. They assault Maruti, however nothing happens to him and he is unaffected. Anjani and everybody witness the sun stale in the sky. Maruti grins. Brahma dev says maruti has halted day and night’s cycle and says along these lines it will be annihilated. Mahadev says this is Maruti’s leela and needs to take his choice himself, I won’t meddle. Brahmadev demands Mahadev to give him the vahan/transport/creature for which Maruti is hanging tight for. Mahadev says alright. He takes a gander at the tiger skin there. Maruti sees the vahan and lift his leg from that place. His leg moved from the method for surya dev. Surya dev says this is supernatural and perfect. Devraj Indra says this isn’t divine, however a connivance against them. Mahadev discloses to Parvati that devraj Indra got stressed. Devi Parvati inquires as to whether Devraj Indra and Maruti will confront each other in future. Mahadev says it is sure. Devraj Indra asks Surya dev to move his vahan. Everybody see the sun going to set. Rakhtasur as Gyananand reminds Kesari to satisfy his guarantee. Anjani requests that he give some time. Rakhtasur says on the off chance that you love your life so much, at that point acknowledge that your words are not significant. Kesari says I won’t ease off and will decapitate myself to show it to you. He requests that he acknowledge his head as the dakshini. Rakhtasur says I acknowledge.

Anjani asks infront of him and requests that he leave her significant other. Rakhtasur asks him not to make her significant other’s penance low and tells that it is a help and not revile, in the event that he kicks the bucket today, at that point will be undying for until the end of time. He says his name will be composed with brilliant letters in the history. Kaptasur says Rakhtasur is acting so pleasantly. They feel that Rakhtasur will murder Kesari in any case and afterward they will come in their genuine symbol, and cut everybody’s fingers. Anjani asks infront of them. Kesari gives her vow not to ask for his life. Anjani says my eminence isn’t significant than your life. Kesari says for me, my guarantee is everything. He says I am prepared. Anjani cries and separates. Tara and Roma ask Anjani to deal with herself, leave everything on predetermination. Kesari is going to decapitate himself, when Maruto comes there and asks Kesari to stop. Jai hanuman plays… .Kesari, Anjani, others and the evil spirits takes a gander at him. Maruti says you are protected, I have brought a predominant vahan before nightfall. Kaptasur asks where is that vahan, I was unable to see. Maruti requests 2 mins. Rakhtasur and others ask him. Kaptasur asks Kesari to decapitate himself.

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Maruti says I have brought your vahan. Kaptasur says it is outlandish, we have made the elephants disappeared. Kesari asks what your shishya is stating? Rakhtasur says my shishya is guiltless and he doesn’t have a clue what he is telling. He asks Maruti where is his vahan? Maruti says he brought a more decent vahan than the elephant. They all observe a goliath tiger come inside and thundering. Maruti says he is my companion Singeraj and is a ruler of wilderness. Rakhtasur asks how might we travel sitting on it. Maruti says on the off chance that you travel on it, at that point no one can stop you. The tigers thunders and blows air on the asurs, they all become asurs and come in their genuine structure. Kesari attempts to battle with them, however he is pushed back. Rakhtasur tells that he will murder Maruti, however the tiger assaults him. Others evil presences tell that they will leave, yet Rakhtasur advises that on the off chance that Ravan raj comes to know, at that point they will lose their regard. They think to battle. The tiger assaults them and they tumble down out and out. The tiger is going to murder them, when they begin taking Ram’s name to gets spared. They serenade Ram… Maruti likewise drones Ram’s name. The evil presences get mukti and becomes remains. Everybody is astonished.

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