Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohit Suspects Nishi


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 29th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Ajit contending with Veena and guarding Sonakshi. Veena slaps him. Nishi says yet where is that Sonakshi. Some time back, Sumit says you generally felt that I m supporting Sonakshi, truth is Rohit did this, your bail, this cover, sparing Sonakshi from maker, Rohit did it, I was only a medium. Suman feels awful. Tanya is resting. Pari takes a pad and chokes out her. She says you and your infant need to kick the bucket, so that Rohan acknowledges me. Tanya pushes her. She yells Rohan. Rohan comes. She says Pari had come to choke out me, she needs to grab you from me and slaughter the child. Rohan says in what capacity would pari be able to come, I was remaining outside, enough now, there is no Pari to a great extent is no child. Tanya gets stunned. Veena yells Rohan, don’t inconvenience her, if it’s not too much trouble leave he room. He goes. Suman says you love Sona so much, at that point for what reason were you defenseless Rohit that you made her away, for what reason did you break her. Pari looks on.

Rohit cries and says sorry, I killed myself consistently to do this with Sona, I love her more than myself, I can’t tell my reasons, I simply needed her to be sheltered and upbeat, I needed her to loathe me, I did this to keep her protected, trust me, I love Sona. Suman cries and embraces him. She is sorry. He says nothing will happen to her, I guarantee, I will discover her, Sumit you be here, I will go with investigator and discover Sona, I will discover her, trust me. He goes. Sumit embraces Suman and consoles. Ajit calls Rohit and says I m with Naren, how is Sonakshi. Rohit says she isn’t contaminated. Ajit says express gratitude toward God, she is fine, we need to meet her, what occurred, where are you, let me know, remain solid. Rohit cries. Ajit says there is no reason to worry, we will get her. Rohit says somebody has grabbed her, don’t have the foggiest idea who, Nishi is included, watch out for her. Ajit says Nishi Bua… ..

Rohit considers Sonakshi. Shayad kabhi… .plays… . Veena slaps Rohan. She asks did you go frantic, did you converse with Tanya like this, its your error, you are capable, we need to treat her with adoration, else she will have a mental meltdown, you accomplished something that embarrassed me, Rohit couldn’t care less, he wedded an off-base young lady, she got removed, and, after its all said and done he is trapped, children are pride of a mother, I feel you both will make me distraught, where is Rohit. Ajit says he is occupied, disregard him, stop it. Nishi comes and looks on.

Ajit says you got blinded by contempt for Sonakshi and can’t see Rohit is in torment, he adores Sonakshi. Veena says she is unfortunate. Ajit says no, he made her out of the house only for you, he despite everything cherishes her, he yielded his affection for you, Sonakshi is pleasant, she simply did directly for us, we fouled up with her, Rohit is attempting to discover her, she isn’t tainted, and still, after all that she is sent to the camp, support Rohit, he needs you, else Rohit will go frantic for her. Veena slaps him. Nishi looks on and grins. Veena says don’t take her name, Sonakshi is a revile for my family, she demolished everything, I despise her. Nishi says great, however where is that Sonakshi, Rohit can’t contact her, where is she covering up. Suman says I realize who can help us in discovering Sonakshi. Rohit converses with overseer accessible as needs be. Controller says we got that man, we will discover. Patients are getting treated. Tulsi sees him and gets stunned. Rohit says I trust we figure out how to reach Sona.

Tulsi inquires as to for what reason did you come in exceptional ward without cover. Rohit gets stunned seeing the patients. Tulsi says you will be contaminated with super infection. Suman meets some tantric. He says there is a lot of murkiness, I can’t see anything, I can feel she is in huge peril. Veena goes to meet Sonakshi. She takes nourishment for Sonakshi. Sumit asks where is my little girl, who is doing this. He says she is as yet alive, she is in some mystery chamber, she is feeling choked, somebody has kept her tied. Sonakshi is seen dozing. Suman asks where is she. He says she is in a difficult situation, somebody dear is harming her. Sonakshi awakens. Veena lifts the dupatta off her face. Sonakshi says mumma you… . Pari calls Suman and asks did you discover. Suman says no, tantric baba will help. Pari asks what, you put stock in that in the present occasions, get back home at the present time. Sonakshi inquires as to why… . Veena got Sonakshi grabbed.

Veena says have nourishment. Sonakshi says go from here, I m tainted from super infection, go from here. Veena says quit, nothing transpired, else I would lack you here, I went to meet Naren’s primary care physician and discovered that somebody changed your blood test. FB shows Naren seeing Sonakshi’s blood test and getting out Rohit. She hears the man saying Sonakshi doesn’t have supervirus, what, I need to change the reports, fine. FB closes. Veena says I found a workable pace you aren’t tainted. Sonakshi inquires as to for what reason did you get me here by hijacking, I need to go. Veena says pause, you have viral. She requests that specialist infuse Sonakshi. Sonakshi inquires as to for what reason are you doing this, what do you need. Veena says you have constrained me to do this, you destroyed my Rohit, I need you to avoid his life. Sonakshi says you are mixed up, Rohit abhors me. Veena says I additionally felt along these lines, he made you out of Sippy manor, not out of his heart.

Precap: Rohit asks Sumit to proceed to discover Sona. He says perhaps I m tainted by supervirus. Sumit gets stunned. He says possibly Lord needs Sonakshi and me to get together.


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