Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Rohit Helps Suman


Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Rohit getting stunned seeing Sonakshi moving in the gathering. Some time back, Sonakshi reviews Mhatre’s words and says perhaps I won’t be agreeable. She gets legal counselor’s call and approaches him to do courses of action for Suman’s bail. She says I m prepared. The companions make up for lost time in the pre valentines slam. Anil says I have a television entertainer today for the presentation. They hang tight for Rohit. Rohit says I m not late, I have come. Anil says I prepared a shock for you. Rohit sits and drinks. Sonakshi comes there and moves on Dilbar melody. She has a cloak covering her face. Rohit and his companions look on. Sonakshi expels the shroud. Rohit and Sonakshi get stunned seeing one another. They review their words.

The companion says Anil, you weren’t here for a year, however you should realize that this young lady whom you called is Rohit’s ex. Sonakshi says I will finish my presentation. Rohit says yes if you don’t mind Anil you ought to have called a hot and youthful on-screen character, you called an exhausting on-screen character. Anil says sorry, I didn’t realize she is your ex. Rohit says it doesn’t make a difference, entertainers can do anything for cash. Sonakshi says its alright, I will finish my presentation. Rohit turns and says its powerless, I m there to support you, you can’t get humiliated. Anil asks would you be able to finish the move, madam. Sonakshi says obviously. Rohit says I can’t watch this, I m leaving. Anil says no, remain here, I will send her. Anil says sorry, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what your identity is, I can’t annoyed Rohit, you can go. Sonakshi says yet why, I will move. He requests that her go. She sees Rohit. She goes. Rohit says you can’t separate, I won’t let this occur, never.

Its morning, Munya asks are you setting off to the court. Sonakshi says I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do, I was unable to pay the legal advisor charges, will he come or not, I had great investment funds, everything finished in one minute, I have no cash to rescue mum, I had one expectation. Legal counselor gets back home. She says sorry. He says unwind, I will battle the case, you had sent 4 lakhs to me by somebody, I thought to pick you and go to the court. She asks 4 lakhs. Sumit comes and says truly, 4 lakhs. Legal advisor says Sumit has sent the cash. Sumit asks Sonakshi for what valid reason didn’t she call him. Sonakshi asks how often will I request help. Sumit says don’t recolor our fellowship along these lines, come, we will get Suman home.

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Sonakshi and Pari see the conference. Sonakshi quiets down Pari. Attorney applies for Suman’s bail and demands the judge to acknowledge the bail. He says she isn’t fine, she has a heart issue. Judge says seeing her medicinal reports, the court chooses… . Rohit comes and says pause, I have proof against Suman. Attorney says Rohit is Suman’s ex child in-law.

Rohit goes in the observer box. He says Suman is a covetous lady, she figures new thoughts for getting cash, don’t give her bail, I was in London a month ago, I had a gathering with Goyal, he said he fabricated a private complex for rich individuals, he can’t come to India due to this case, in view of her. Sonakshi’s attorney says pause, you said Goyal came a colossal complex in London. Legal advisor says Goyal is living admirably, Suman is bearing difficulty here, its bad form, we can get Goyal removed from London, you came here to give articulation against Suman, yet much obliged, it helped her. Rohit blows up and sees Sonakshi.

Judge says Suman’s bail is acknowledged, court is expelled. Rohit grins. Suman embraces Sonakshi and Pari. She says I will show a thing or two to this man. Sonakshi says no, Pari go with mum and complete bail customs, I will see him. She goes to Rohit and says you may accept that Lord exists, Lord consistently bolsters reality, everything is over between us, you have an issue with me, at that point battle with me, don’t inconvenience my mum. He says now you felt how it feels when mum gets injured, Suman destroyed Veena’s life, Nishi and Naren were correct, you are simply tactless gold diggers, Suman considers getting cash, you little girls do such things, I will never leave any approach to render retribution. He sits in the vehicle. Sonakshi says I can hardly imagine how we cherished each other so much, we despise each other currently, was it reality or an excellent dream. She goes. He cries and beverages. He says sorry Sona, I had come just to help in Suman’s bail, I love you.

Precap: Sonakshi gets a heart expand. The young lady says that uncle gave it and said I love you. Rohit remains far. Rohit sees Pari there. He gets stunned and says Pari is pregnant.


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