Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Kali Possessed Kadika


Jagat Janani Maa Vaishno Devi 18th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Vaishnavi pondering Devi Lakshmi’s words that everybody is brought into the world with a reason and they need to acknowledge it and satisfy it. She goes to her room. Sheru sees Vaishnavi upset and draws close to her. Vaishnavi sits on the couch in her room. Sheru moves to the table. Vaishnavi plunks down on the floor and takes a gander at Sheru. She says she is extremely anxious. Samrudhi comes there and calls her. Sheru covers up. Samrudhi asks what was the deal? She says on the off chance that you don’t come and have nourishment, at that point I will blow up. Swarnsagar educates Ratnagar regarding Raja Malang greeting. Ratnagar requests that he send mantra and specialists. Swarnsagar says alright. Chandra is going to eat desserts. Kadika reproves him and requests that he have nourishment. Vaishnavi hears a few people going to her requesting to ensure them and furthermore hears the sanctuary chime ringing. She yells and keeps her hand on her ears. Samrudhi asks what was the deal? Vaishnavi says nothing to stress, I am fine. Samrudhi requests that her have nourishment. Vaishnavi could hear everybody’s heart talks and thinks how is this conceivable? She finds a workable pace I will have it later. She goes out. Devi lakshmi says we can comprehend her quandary. Narayan says she needs to take a choice. Mahadev says she needs to forfeit every one of her relations and start another part in her life. She hurries to her room and closes it. Samrudhi inquires as to whether she is fine and requests that her tell.

Vaishnavi hears the individuals’ voices and cries. Devi lakshmi gets enthusiastic. Devi Saraswati tells that we as a whole have confronted this quandary. Devi Lakshmi says she needs to shoulder this right now. Devi Parvati says age isn’t an issue.

Kali thinks to make lobhasur impact on the correct individuals. He says his source should be in the Palace to utilize the lobhasur at the correct time. Kadika is headed and will bring medication for Swarn Sagar. Field comes there as a sadhu. Kadika requests that he come to Palace and to take good cause. Kali says I came to give you vardaan to satisfy your desire. Kadika requests that he offer vardaan to her child. He blows something all over and she gets controlled by him. He requests that her ask the sevaks and sevikas to proceed to welcome him to the chariot. Kadika does as he says. Kali gets inside and requests that her go to Palace at this moment. He says he will come at night and asks her not to go close Vaishnavi. He says in the event that you go, at that point Vaishnavi will come to think about you. Kadika comes back to Palace. Samrudhi asks Ratnagar to accomplish something and says Vaishnavi is by all accounts in issue. She says she needs her little girl infront of her. Ratnagar says she will get strained seeing you like this. Kadika hears them.

Ratnagar discloses to Vaishnavi that in the event that she would prefer not to converse with them, at that point they won’t talk, however will see her and go. Vaishnavi opens the entryway. Ratnagar inquires as to why you are crying? Vaishnavi tells that she heard a few voices whom she don’t have the foggiest idea. Ratnagar asks what are they saying? Vaishnavi says mata ka bulawa aaya hai…

Precap: Narayan and Mahadev attempt to murder Kali. Sharipoh have Ratnagar and Samrudhi.


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