Ishq Subhan Allah 12th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Zara Leaves The House


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Scene 1

Zara gets back home. Kabir says you are returning from entryway? We were so stressed. Where did you go? She says I went to meet Kausar. Everybody is stressed. Ayesha says I realize you are concerned. Try not to accuse yourself, there is no reason to worry. Kabir takes her to room.

Shahbaz says to Qazi please ask Zara to back off from this case. She regards you and will hear you out. Qazi says I brought her up and offered her to choose what is directly for her. Shahbaz says you realize it isn’t beneficial for her marriage and her life. Individuals outside are furious. they need her back off from this case. A few hooligans went to our home. On the off chance that you don’t request that her change her choice, they can do anything.

Zara kisses Kabir’s brow. She opens entryway. Ladies are outside and they serenade in support

of Zara. They ask her what is her choice? Zara says I will battle for Kausar and will go to court. She takes a gander at Kabir. Shahbaz says for one case you will demolish your marriage? Ayesha says she wont do this. Zara you wont do this right? Zara says I wont do this ever. He guaranteed it, shouldn’t you ask him? Shahbaz says you took this choice. In Quran it is said that a lady ought to be dutiful to her significant other. However, you chose to conflict with Kabir and battle this case. She says a similar Quran requests that all people remain against foul play. she says I have dependably been going to court. For what reason did you wed me in the lead position? Isn’t preventing me from right way wrong either? Kabir falls. Everybody holds him. He cries. Zara is in tears as well. Kabir leaves. Zara follows him.

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Scene 2

Kabir takes a gander at sky. Zara discloses to him where is everything in the room. she says I wont be here to sort out things. I realize I wont be here. I am not taking anything. I realize you wont need to me to be here. On the off chance that you need you can come there when you need. In the event that adoration is finished, at that point don’t do this show. Kabir approaches her. Kabir touches her face. He says do you need this as well? This connection shouldn’t end. It would be ideal if you spare it. It would be ideal if you spare it. He approaches her. Zara leaves. He unloads her back. Zara turns out as a lady of the hour. Kabir takes a gander at her. She says this dress has such a significant number of recollections. She snickers and says I don’t get it. Is this a test or shamefulness? He says regardless we have time. She says how about we not contend today. We don’t have the foggiest idea in the event that we would be as one. It would be ideal if you give me ideal to be a spouse today around evening time. This night is getting over. Kabir makes her wear memento. Zara nods off in his lap.

Shahbazn calls somebody and says I am giving you another shot. I am burnt out on Zara. Murder her. Kabir and Zara leave the room. Zara meets everybody. She goes out. Kabir takes a gander at her.

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