Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Yogi’s Emotional Confrontation


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Mona peruses Yogi’s message that he cherished Pari previously, yet he is hitched to Gunjan and she is his duty now, he needed to hold Pari’s hand previously, however now he needs somebody like him to hold Pari’s hand and stroll through the way of life, and so on. He flags Sujoy to acknowledge Pari. Sujoy delay. Mona rehashes message. Sujoy says he is glad to see purehearted Yogi and Pari and will hold Pari’s hand until the end of time. Yogi cheerfully embraces him.

Yogi gets back and cheerfully hits the dance floor with Gunjan. Khushi asks reason. He sustains desserts to them and educates that Sujoy acknowledged Pari. Family hears that celebrates. Kusum inquires as to whether he had gone to Sujoy’s home. He says yes and clarifies entire occurrence. Pari reprimands him. Family inquires as to whether she doesn’t care for Sujoy. She says she enjoys. Shiv with Seema enters. Seema salutes Pari for her union. Shiv inquires as to whether Prakash educated them about Gunjan’s US trip plan for treatment. Daadi says he had educated. Shiv says he needs to take Yogi along, on the off chance that he has visa. Kusum gets glad hearing that and gives him identification and different archives. Dadaji acclaims Shiv for his honorable reasoning. Kusum says Gunjan is fortunate to have such a mindful guardians. Yogi flags that Seema can hear Gunjan’s tune after treatment. Family holding proceeds.

Mona prepares for office while Sujoy cleans dishes. Pari enters. Mona welcomes him and causing him to sit leaves. Sujoy approaches her purpose behind coming. Pari says she needs to talk something significant. He says he will tune in while washing dishes. Pari stands quietly. He says he didn’t realize he glances attractive even in cover. She seethe. He illuminates that Yogi had come and what all he told and what he proved unable. He says he will hang tight for her answer whether she will wed him or not, she needs to discover bliss and Yogi simply needs to see her glad. She leaves sobbing.

Precap: Pradeep Chauhan murders Rani’s chacha and accuses Yogi. Police captures Yogi.


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