Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Vivek Punishes Rani’s Uncle/Chacha


Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Pari’s mom tells seniors that Sujoy must be hanging tight for them, she is feeling anxious. Prakash thinks back Pradeep Chauhan’s risk, calls Vivek and requests him to bring everybody home inside 30 min as they are getting late to visit Sujoy’s home and he can’t endure distraught lady here. Pari’s mom inquires as to whether he alluded her as frantic lady. Dadaji says yes. She leaves furiously. Vivek illuminates youths and says why daddy is so eager today. They all keep shopping. Pari finds a western outfit and demands Rani to attempt it. Vivek likewise demands. She gets into evolving room. Pari goes to check different dresses. Yogi flags her she will glance beautiful in them, and she chides him to go behind Gunjan. Pradeep’s goons stroll towards Gunjan. Rani’s chacha gets into her changing room and attacks her, she yells, however he quiets down. Pari thumps entryway. Chacha comes up short on room. Rani calls Vivek. Vivek hurries to her. Pari educates that Chacha came up short on evolving room. Vivek with Yogi follows Chacha and fiercely junks him cautioning to avoid Rani, else he will execute him. Yogi likewise cautions him. Pradeep’s goon move away observing group. Pradeep gets back to them and figures he will execute Shiv’s child in-law and his entire family.

Prakash vapor when youths don’t return soon. They all stroll in comforting Rani. Pari’s mom begins show. Pari inquires as to whether they can delay the present supper as she needs to remain with Rani. Kusum asks what befell Rani. Pari changes theme and says she is all set. Gunjan calls her folks and illuminates what occurred in shopping center. Suman inquires as to whether Pradeep was likewise there. Gunjan flags no and educates that family is setting off to Pari’s would be parents in law’s home for supper. Shiv says Prakash educated him and requests that her appreciate. Seema says by what method can Rani’s uncle stoop so low. Shiv says if Pari gets hitched, he will be off blame.

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Sujoy anxiously sits tight for Pari’s family. Family comes to. Pari’s mom strolls in first. Sujoy supplements Pari for her new dress. Mona inquires as to for what reason didn’t Rani and Vivek come.

Precap: Pari demonstrates Sujoy’s skilled dress to Yogi. Yogi flags its equivalent dress and she will glance beautiful in it. Pari drops container and keeping in mind that picking glass harms her fingers. Yogi hurries to her. Sujoy gets suspicious.


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