Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Amma Decides To Divorce Dada Ji


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Happu disclosing to Dada ji that Rajjo is upsetting him a great deal, he didn’t do anything. Dada ji says there is no smoke without fire. He says you resemble me. Happu says why I will bear when she raises finger on my character. Dada ji tells that his Amma never sent him to swing when aloo paratha is made. Happu feels terrible on his karma and tells that his Amma, spouse and kids are not demonstrating pity on him. Malaika signs Hritik to take the nourishment to Papa. Kat and Ranbir additionally sign him to offer nourishment to Papa. Hritik discloses to Chamchi that in the event that Maa returns, at that point reveal to her that I went to get kathori. He tosses the bowl down and creeps out quietly to give a paratha to Happu. Happu says his child is his. Rajjo comes infront of hritik. Hritik gets stunned and slithers back. Happu is stunned as well.

The children keep on eating the nourishment fearing their mom. Happu couldn’t bear his appetite. Amma asks Rajjo to have nourishment and tells that she knows Happu well, he should have 6 samosas atleast in the police headquarters. She inquires as to why you are eager? Beni comes there and welcomes Amma. Amma requests that he be straightforward with them generally. Beni inquires as to for what reason did you call me? Amma slaps him and says I called you for work and that is the reason requested that you bring the papers. She says she has chosen to separate from her better half. Rajjo gets stunned and drops the plate. Beni asks what did Chacha ji do? Amma says on the off chance that I let you know, at that point you won’t go to his shraddh to have kheer puri. Commissiuoner calls Rajjo and inquires as to whether something occurred among Happu and you. Rajjo tells that it was Happu’s mix-up. Official tells that Happu’s character is acceptable to the point that he will give him an honor on fifteenth August. He tells that happu revealed to him when he constrained him. He offers call to Happu. Happu and Rajjo converse with one another and state I love you to one another. Beni composes the notification and requests that where send it. Amma looks on stunned.

Kat converses with somebody and parts of the bargains. Kamlesh comes there and requests that Kat eat desserts, as he is upbeat today. Kamlesh says separate from issue dropped, mummy dad adoring one another, I cherished that. Kat says wow Kamlesh, says my folks are having a solid bond. Kamlesh says ghuya and says Didi will take separate from your Papa in certain days. Kat says my mom isn’t your didi, my dad isn’t terrible and tells that her folks can’t remain without one another, they resemble sun and moon. Kamlesh says my mummy and Papa resemble tom and jerry as they built up my body like of an animation.

Happu wears his shirt. Rajjo comes there and locks the entryway. Happu inquires as to why you are shutting the entryway. Rajjo says I need to state sorry. Happu inquires as to whether she needs to sentiment and requests that her hold up till night. Rajjo inquires as to whether your disposition is set after you get alcoholic else no. happu asks what occurred, you are in temperament. Rajjo says she is hanging tight for him since morning. Happu asks what happened to Amma. Rajjo says she needs to take separate from Pita ji. Happu is stunned. Rajjo says I will deal with her and requests that he sentiment with her. Happu is cheerful that Rajjo needs to sentiment. Rajjo hits the dance floor with him while the tune pyaar kab karoge plays… ..They fall on the bed.

Hritik calls Chamchi. Chamchi turns out. She inquires as to whether something occurred? Kat says you are looking furious hot today. Amma says somebody hit her and cause her to comprehend that her dad’s name is Happu and not harry. Hritik inquires as to why you are furious? Amma says I am irate and that is the reason looking furious. Kat asks did you battle with mummy. Rajjo says I don’t battle with Amma. Kat takes their selfie. Rajjo discloses to Amma that Pita ji didn’t do a serious mix-up. She says on the off chance that the tooth isn’t fine, at that point it isn’t culled out. Amma says in the event that it is spoiled, at that point it is tossed out. She cries. Rajjo asks her what individuals will believe that she needs to toss the tooth which isn’t there. Amma says I simply need separate. Ranbir inquires as to whether tooth get separated as well.

Happu gets back home and asks Rajjo for what reason she didn’t serve nourishment? Hritik says we thought you had gone for drinking and that is the reason didn’t eat. Happu admonishes him. Rajjo says she made sabzi for him. Happu requests that her serve the nourishment hot and requests that everybody come. Malaika says I am working and would prefer not to eat now. He requests that Kat eat. Kat says I am on counting calories. Rajjo gets beni.


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