Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Beni Creates A Rift Between Happu And Rajjo


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Beni coming back to Baba again. Baba asks him to get Happu and Rajesh get divorce and then after his marriage, get them back together. Beni asks about his Dakshina. Baba asks him to apply oil to his navel till then. Kamlesh meets Kat in the restaurant and cries. Kat asks what happened? Kamlesh tells that he needs her support. Kat asks what happened? Kamlesh says my mummy and papa. Kat asks if uncle and aunty met with an accident. Kamlesh says no and tells that mummy caught my papa red handed and they are separating now. Kat asks him to live with any of the parent now. Kamlesh says then the other will be sad. Kat asks him to stay alone in the farm of Ghuya. Kamlesh cries. Kat asks him not to cry, rather than have the snacks. Kamlesh gets up and slaps the guy sitting there. The guy gets up. Kamlesh runs away. Rajjo sings song. Happu comes to her and sits on the bed. He says you sang well and said rightly. He says officer’s wife shows tantrum and praises Rajjo’s innocence. He tells that Resham Pal’s wife taunt tantrums and he walks behind her holding his purse. Rajjo likes his doings. She tells that she is getting old. Happu says old shall be your enemies. Rajjo says they are already old.

Happu asks if she is talking about his Amma. Rajjo says she is joking. He asks shall I massage your feet. She says yes. Happu massages her legs. She likes it. Happu gets a call and picks it. Beni talks to him in girl’s voice and talks romantically with him. Happu asks who are you? Beni says you was closer to me yesterday and today you are not identifying me. Rajjo takes the call and asks who are you, I will scratch your face. Beni ends the call and feels apologetic, says he is doing this for his Vimlesh. Everything is fair in love and war. Rajjo calls on that number and throws Happu’s phone on the ground. She asks him about the lady. Happu says I didn’t know, someone might be joking. Rajjo says all your excuses are old and asks him to say. Happu says shall I take the girls’ name to please you.

Rajjo beats him and asks him to leave from the room. Amma hears the song and drinks wine. She enjoys the song. Dada ji comes there and sits on the chair. Amma asks him to come near her. Dada ji says I am fine here, tells that he don’t like wine smell. Amma says since when? you like its smell. Dada ji says I am going to sleep and turns to go. Amma stops him and asks him to turn towards her. She gets up from the bed and gives him Happu’s swear. Dada ji turns to her. Amma sees lipstick mark on his cheeks and asks who had kissed you. Dada ji says today was Apsara’s birthday and I wished her, she kissed me on my cheeks. Amma asks how did that apsara got place in the swarg lok. She asks him to get out. Rajjo throws happu out and beats him. Amma and Rajjo see each other. Rajjo asks did pita ji do something? Amma asks what Happu has done. Rajjo says he has crossed his limits. Amma tells dada ji that his son has shown his colors. Happu swears on his nine kids that he doesn’t know the lady. Amma scolds Happu and appreciates Rajjo for doing the right thing. She asks them to run. Rajjo asks what Pita ji had done? Amma says he has a setting with someone in swarg lok and got kissed on his cheeks. Happu says pita ji…you would have washed your face before coming here. Dada ji says he tried, but couldn’t as he is just soul. Amma says she will wash him.

Next day, Kat asks Malaika not to eat much ghee as she will look fat and will be like balloon. She says you can’t catch the thieves. Hritik says how Papa catches them. Chamchi says he might give promise to the thief to stop. They ask why Papa is not coming to have food. Rajjo asks them to sit quietly and eat. Amma says if you speak while talking then monkey will take away your food. Chamchi tells Ranbir that even dadi is not worried for Papa, there might be some panga between them. Ranbir sings the song…kuch toh hua hai….Malaika asks him to be quiet.

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