Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Happu Laughs On Nonsense Jokes Of Amma And Rajjo


Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 15th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Rajjo endeavoring to make the infant rest. Happu asks when he will rest. Rajjo requests that he ask child. Hritik says mummy says great joke. Malaika says mother punched right joke and says she is a finished humorist from head to toe. Amma says she don’t think so. Happu says your comical inclination is brilliant. Rajjo says it is sharp since adolescence. Other little girl says we thought you are grievous ruler. Amma says I am coming to think about this today. Rajjo says you don’t know parody. Amma asks I’m not catching your meaning? Hritik says she mean the equivalent. Amma inquires as to whether I don’t know satire and calls her Charlie chaplin niece. Rajjo says my mummy used to said that I am their second birth. Amma says I am Johny walker’s second birth and says tail malish. Rajjo says individuals used to get distraught by chuckling

hearing my jokes. Amma says individuals used to get heart assault because of intemperate giggling.

Happu asks Amma and Rajjo to do demo of their parody. He asks Rajjo to begin. Their girls request that her begin parody. Hritik asks Rajjo to tell joke quick. Amma requests that her tell a joke hearing which People get distraught in the wake of giggling a great deal. Rajjo tells that the elephant tells his dad that his pajama is stolen. He says it is worn by the rodent. She delays. Hritik requests that her tell further. Happu snickers and says elephant pajama is worn by rodent and inquires as to whether it had versatile. The children think Papa is giggling diaster chuckle. No one giggles. Amma asks will I tell my joke. She says once a tigress got hitched to a light. Happu giggles alot. Rajjo requests that he hear first. Amma advises that every one of the creatures accumulated to go to their marriage and saw the vegan sustenance. She says Cheetah went to tigress and said that they need to have non veg, so Tigress butchered the light. Happu snickers… ..Amma likewise giggles. Happu says Amma’s chuckle isn’t halting and tells that a rodent is wearing elephant pajama and light got butchered in its very own marriage. He snickers. Hritik tells that it was non veg joke.

Happu meets Benny in the night. Benny inquires as to whether Rajjo influenced him to eat guljhand on account of which he is taking raspberry talks. He inquires as to why you are not getting me wed Vimlesh and tells that at whatever point there is much chuckling, a tempest is en route. Happu tells that they all were cheerful. Benny says everybody chuckle isn’t care for Vimlesh. He tells that Vimlesh like lady is one of every millions and can’t be found regardless of whether looked by light. Happu requests that he pass on taking Vimlesh’s name. Benny says you detest her as she is more understanding and brainy than Rajjo. Happu requests that he go. Benny says you are envious and requests that he think. Happu requests that he sing.

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Amma’s significant other shows up infront of her and requests that her sing tune. She says you will request that I move at that point and inquires as to whether I am an artist. Happu comes there and brings something. His dad asks Amma to ask him from where he brought it? She asks him. Happu inquires as to whether he is here? He inquires as to why you battle with Pita ji infront of me. His mom slapped him and tells that do I need your authorization on the most proficient method to converse with my better half. His dad requests that her ask him. She asks him. Happu inquires as to for what reason would he say he is inquiring? His mum slaps him and calls him joru ka Ghulam. His dad says great shot. Amma asks did you think me as Dhoni. She reveals to Happu that he was chuckling at his better half’s joke and was clowning persuasively on her joke. Happu says I was chuckling on your joke as it were. Amma says I know you, you was snickering as though somebody pressed lemon in your mouth. Happu says I resemble my dad. Amma’s better half requests that he inquire as to whether he resembles her. Amma slaps Happu again and requests that he proceed to cover up under Rajjo’s pallu.

Kamlesh goes to Happu’s home. He asks Malaika not to beat him. Malaika says I am going to drink water. Kamlesh says your sister is a decent mixer. Kat asks Kamlesh for what good reason did he come? Kamlesh educates that he came to tell concerning the play Satyavan Savitri play. He says you are playing Savitri and I am yamraj. Kat says why yamraj, you are yummy raj. Kamlesh expresses gratitude toward her for the compliment. He recounts about the story and tells that Yamraj is horny man. He requests that her figure who will play wild ox. Kat says Malaika will play wild ox. Malaika says do I look like bison. Kamlesh says we can attempt with Happu uncle. Malaika gets furious and beats him. Kat requests that her abandon him. Kamlesh leaves.

Rajjo goes to her room and inquires as to whether he originated from his mom’s paathshala and asks what paath did he realize today? Happu inquires as to for what reason do you feel that we talk about you. Rajjo says you are looking like scorpion hearing my joke. Happu says he was giggling hearing the joke. Rajjo chastens him for snickering genuine for Amma’s joke. Happu requests that her hear him. She says she needs to make three children rest. Happu says I am the fourth child and requests that her make him rest. She beats him. Happu thinks Benny is correct, it is hard to comprehend when lady is truly chuckling.

Precap: Kids tell Amma and Rajjo that their Papa said Benny that he giggled persuasively hearing their jokes and he didn’t get any chuckle. Rajjo and Amma get furious.


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