Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Nanhe Lal Fools The Committee Members


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Pappu disclosing to Suman that he thought to call home once before he brings her home. Gudiya picked the call. At the point when he requested that her offer call to Babu ji. Gudiya tells that his head broke. At the point when he requested that her offer call to Amma. She advised that Amma went to emergency clinic. He says he got stressed and hurried home. He tells that when he arrived at home, he saw babu ji fine. At the point when he asked Gudiya, she told that babu ji had revealed to her that his head is breaking. What’s more, Amma had taken Jia to emergency clinic. He says he associated the two things and misjudged his honest sister’s discussion. Champa faults Gudiya for demolishing her life. Pappu tells that whatever happens is ideal. He tells that you didn’t call me and never inquired as to why I didn’t call you. Champa says even you haven’t called me. He says I had lost my telephone, when I came to Sipri, I called you, yet you had hindered my number. Champa says you would have gotten back home? Pappu says he wouldn’t like to go to her home. He tells that he don’t need a young lady who don’t confide in him. Champa advises that she used to detest him, yet her heart’s one side despite everything thumps for him. She attempts to embrace him. Pappu says you are hitched and asks what’s going on with you? Sweety leaves room and searches Pappu.

Champa embraces him. Pappu asks him not to do that and cries. He argues infront of her to leave him. Champa embraces him. Sweety goes to the room and sees Pappu conversing with the doll. Champa stows away. She asks what’s happening with you? Pappu tells that he was playing with doll. Sweety says I didn’t have the foggiest idea about that you used to play with dhol. Pappu takes her to room. Champa picks the doll and says Gudiya is liable for destroying her life.

Pappu solicits Sweety to turn out from restroom. Sweety says she needs time. Board of trustees individuals come back once more. They tell that they got data that Ballu has two spouses. Gudiya says one spouse is here. Radhe tells that Sarla is his significant other, Champa is his child’s better half. Simply then Sweety turns out. They ask whose spouse you are? Sweety says I am pappu’s better half. Jia says you are gazing terrible without make upward. Sweety rushes to her space to apply make up. They ask again who is Pappu? Nanhe lal tells that he is my damad. Sarla asks did you bring kachori? Nanhe lal says yes and gives her kachori. Sarla murmurs to him to cause the advisory group individuals to go. Nanhe lal requests that they proceed to check in the haveli. The advisory group individuals go to haveli. Ballu tells that he has two beds, two dressing tables and his photograph with his the two spouses.

Radhe says Nanhe lal will spare them. Nanhe lal takes them to kitchen and signs his family to go. At the point when they leave kitchen, Gudiya, Radhe, Pappu, Sweety and Champa cover up in the kitchen. Gudiya makes something fall. Nanhe lal advises that the sound is made to occupy us and requests that they beware of upstairs room. He takes board of trustees individuals to upstairs room, while Radhe and his family go to Ballu’s room and joins the two beds and evacuates Ballu’s photograph outlines with his spouses. Pappu and Champa see the previous’ pic underneath Ballu’s pic. Champa and Pappu conceal Pappu’s pic once more. Ballu carries the advisory group individuals to his room. Chameli signs him that they are here. he requests that her put on something else quick till then he will show different rooms. Advisory group part turns and sees Radhe’s family with Champa and calls them.

Precap: A regal family goes to Radhe’s home and claims Gudiya to be the beneficiary of their royal position. Everybody is astonished.


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