Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: The Party Starts


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Guddan acquaints Ganga and Avinash with the media. Saru says I will design something significant. AJ brings Guddan to the room. Guddan says what was the deal? She says party is going on outside. AJ says yes that is the reason I brought you here. Guddan says for what reason do you need sentiment on all an inappropriate occasions? He says I brought you here for much obliged. Not sentiment. Much obliged to you for being so pleasant to Avinash and Ganga. You needed to hear something else? Guddan says I was looking so acceptable you could applaud me. We young ladies resemble.. AJ pulls her nearby and says I am not done at this point. He approaches kiss her. Kishor and Vardan are strolling outside. AJ pulls Guddan to a side.

AJ says your lips can’t be depicted in words. You excellence is unrivaled. Guddan says we need to go. Somebody thumps. AJ says I have a way. He takes Guddan inside the storage room and says you’re my courageous woman. He approaches kiss her. Dadi goes to the room and says where did I keep my handbag? Guddan snickers. Dadi says it’s in the storage room. Dadi attempts to open. AJ holds the entryway from within. Dadi says Kishor Vardan attempts to open the entryway. Durga says all visitors are ground floor. Guddan says they will open it. Vardan attempts to open the entryway. They all attempt together. Guddan says they will open it. Kishor says let me attempt. He pulls the entryway. Guddan and AJ fall outside. Everybody is stunned. Guddan is humiliated. Guddan says I was taking my garments AJ says and it bolted. Everybody snickers. Ganga says where is everybody? They all go ground floor. AJ says sorry. Guddan runs first floor.

Scene 2

Ganga makes proper acquaintance heroin. Let me sing a little for my heroin. Nothing made me more joyful when I discovered my heroin is my sister in law. I am so fortunate. I have such a great amount of affection for her. I take her name when I wake up. She went to bat for us. So in her regard, I have composed an opposition, the greatest fan. I am that fan yet I need to give everybody that possibility. There’s no restriction of my adoration for her. All of you need to act like her. Also, the person who does it best would win the greatest fan grant.

Scene 2

Saru hits nails on a board in the store. She says now this will fall on you Guddan. A nail harms her finger. It drains. Saru says you will endure Guddan.

Laxmi says I turned into her fan before she was heroin. So I will play her reality. AJ and her connection. Vardan says in AJ’s voice, Guddan you changed my documents? Laxmi says in Guddan’s voice, yes I did my maths on it. Vardan says it is eatery accounts. Laxmi says you think I am feeble with maths? Vardan says this isn’t inferior’s maths. Guddan says I can sing 7’s table backward. Vardan says you can’t do it. Laxmi says Guddan can do anything. She sings the table and says never express three things. Initially, Guddan can’t do this. Second, Guddan can’t do this. Vardan says third? Laxmi says you got it.

Ganga says done. This was entertaining. Presently next turn is of the most extraordinary individual right now. Our MIL. Dadi. Saru says you shouldn’t have offended me Guddan. Presently you perceive how you endure.

Dadi says I need to express a couple of things for Guddan. Guddan seat comes. Ganga says sit. Guddan says after dadi is finished. Dadi says I was constantly stressed over my AJ’s forlornness. I needed to discover him an actual existence accomplice and afterward God heard me and sent me Guddan. I am her first fan on the planet. The first occasion when I saw her I realized she was exceptional. She lit up our lives. She went to bat for us. She adores us the most. I can’t be thankful enough. She isn’t my DIL, she is my girl and my pride.

Precap-Ganga gets insane and hits Saru in the store. She’s going to cut her. Guddan comes and slaps her.


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