Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: AJ To Marry Antra


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Scene 1
AJ is crying. He reviews Guddan saying I don’t think we are prepared for this youngster. Guddan cries and reviews AJ saying I see my kid’s killer in you. I despise you. AJ reviews the specialist saying Gudan completed her premature birth since she needed to deliver retribution from her better half. AJ places his face in the water.

Guddan cries and says you realize I didn’t execute you. Antra comes and says mama, I realize you can’t execute me. No one but Antra could be this challenging. Try not to cry. I did all did. Faking the video and reports. You said this kid will make your relationship more grounded. The youngster is gone at this point. He is an apparition now. Did he have a spirit? It’s so a lot of fun. Se consumes the doll before Guddan. Guddan is in tears. Antra says see, the memorial service is done too. Guddan sees the doll consuming and cries. She reviews AJ playing with that doll and says we would have our child in our lap. Guddan wipes her tears.

Guddan comes ground floor and reviews what Antra. She reviews Antra saying I slaughtered Alisha and her child. Guddan picks Trishul. Antra comes there. Antra says what’s going on with you? Guddan says you executed my youngster. Nobody can spare you from me today. Saru and Perv come there. Durga and dadi come as well. Guddan says I will kill you today Dadi says Guddan stop. Guddan is going to murder Antra. AJ holds the trishul and says what’s happening with you? Guddan says she murdered my youngster. I will slaughter her. AJ says would you say you are insane? Guddan says she slaughtered my youngster. You can’t murder her.

Guddan says as a mother, I reserve the option to execute her. AJ says you lost every one of your privileges when you executed our youngster. You’re not a mother any longer. Dadi says what are you saying? AJ says to deliver retribution from me, you executed our kid. I can’t consider you to be a mother or as my significant other any longer. You cut off our association. I free you from everything. Guddan is shocked. Guddan says you’re stating this for this lawbreaker? Who murdered Rawat and Angad? She executed Alisa also. She slaughtered my child also. AJ says it isn’t about Antra. It is about reality. Truth is that you slaughtered our youngster. There was nothing among me and Antra. Guddan says you used to meet her despite my good faith. AJ says to guard you and my kid. Guddan says and she murdered that youngster. She is as yet tricking you. AJ says enough, don’t generally consider others fool. All confirmations are against you. You went to the emergency clinic and marked the papers. Guddan says so you need verification to confide in me? AJ says I lose my kid. Guddan says did as well I. AJ says you slaughtered my kid in your self image. Guddan says you gave her space in your life. You empowered her and you committed an error. AJ says I embraced her for a couple of moments that didn’t mean anything. What’s more, you murdered our youngster for that? I will do a greater misstep now. I will give your place in my life to Antra. Guddan is bewildered. AJ says all that I gave you throughout everyday life, I will offer it to Guddan. Guddan says you can’t do this. You can’t give my place to our kid’s killer. AJ says I am having that spot from my kid’s killer. You are my youngster’s killer. I can abhor you as much as I cherished you. I will wed Antra in next 24 hours. Dadi says no. AJ says I will wed her before you. Do anything you desire.

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Scene 2

Durga says saw every one of the verifications however my heart isn’t trusting it. Laxmi says Guddan cherished Alisha to such an extent. By what means can she? Saru says truly, everybody is a liar just Guddan is correct? I got all of you the desserts. Antra and AJ are getting hitched. It is safe to say that you are tragic? Leave Guddan. She did it. She isn’t as decent as she imagines. Laxmi, eat desserts. Durga pushes her and says AJ is a human. He can commit errors. He lost two youngsters. AJ will see reality. Laxmi says get lost. Saru leaves.

Guddan takes a gander at the consumed dolls. she reviews AJ’s guarantee there would be no other individual between us. She reviews AJ saying, I will wed Antra. AJ reviews Guddan saying she won’t let anything happen to her youngster.

Guddan says how might you trust I could murder my kid? My child. He was our affection’s evidence. AJ says you broke everything Guddan. You demolished our lives. You demolished everything in your envy. I adored you to such an extent. You took my youngster from me. You generally remained by me. be that as it may, you did this wrongdoing? How right? I will never excuse you.

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