Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj Gets Shocked With Rani And Raghav’s Marriage Truth


Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 13th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Rivaaj requesting that Rani have desserts. Rani says she has sensitivity with Khoa/Mawa. Raghav says this thing is unfamiliar to us. Rani asks Raghav to come and says they will make him change the garments. Rivaaj says what days sought you, presently young ladies will make you change garments. Tashi says we will choose garments for him. Rivaaj requests that they go quick and come quick, and says time has come to break the quick. Rani and Tashi are taking Raghav to his room. Rani says they will carry on ordinary Tashi says on the off chance that anybody ask something. Rani says she needs time and says this is a major issue for Maa and Dadi. Tashi asks Raghav to proceed to put on something else quick, at that point break Rani’s quick. Raghav says I will make yummy dish for Rani. Premnath reveals to Premlatha that she is looking think. Premlatha says she

is keeping quick for her better half. Shivraj says you have won my heart. Rani and Raghav come there. Shivraj says Ram and Sita’s Jodi have come. Tashi says their Jodi is charming. Shivraj asks Rivaaj to bring the neckband sets which he requested. Rivaaj says alright. Raghav sniffles a great deal. Rani asks will I take him to his room. Shivraj says alright. Rivaaj turns out and takes the request from the conveyance fellow. The conveyance fellow requests the additional cash. Rivaaj requests that he go. Rani takes Raghav to room.

Raghav quits sniffling, it was their arrangement. Rani makes the aarti plate prepared and does aarti of a symbol. Rivaaj considers both them are missing and something occurring without a doubt. Rani does Raghav’s aarti and tosses bloom petals on him. They grin. Rivaaj is heading off to Raghav’s room. Rani says puja is done and requests that he make her beverage gangajal. Raghav says your appetite strike/quick will finish with it. He influences her to have water. Rivaaj goes to Rani’s room, yet couldn’t see her there. He goes to Raghav’s room and sees Raghav breaking her quick and making her beverage water. He gets stunned and sorrowful eyes. Rani says we must be increasingly cautious, and says our mystery was going to open infront of Rivaaj. Raghav says however didn’t turn out, it is triumph. He requests that her have desserts, and says you are sensitive to Mawa. Rani says she misled Rivaaj so she can break quick with his (Raghav) hand. They make each other have desserts.

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Rivaaj looks furious and tormented. He reviews Rani feeling dazed and afterward not drinking water. Rukmani comes there and requests that he break her quick. He reviews Pandit ji calling them a couple. Rivaaj is still in stun and reviews Raghav telling Rani as his better half. He reviews Raghav breaking Rani’s quick. He pushes the smorgasbord table down. The visitor inquires as to whether he is oblivious? Rivaaj says he is visually impaired not to see happenings despite his good faith. Rani gets some information about Rukmani. He says she went out. Rukmani comes there and asks Rivaaj to accompany her.

Rukmani takes Rivaaj out, and says she is eager and parched since morning and says he is looking attractive in displeasure. She requests that he break her quick and says she loves Mawa sweet. Rivaaj gets extremely furious and slaps her hard. Rukmani is stunned. Rivaaj says you need to break your quick and crushes desserts in her mouth and face. Rukmani is stunned and hurt. She cries. Rivaaj goes from that point and thinks about the happenings, Rani and Raghav’s minute. He takes out his shirt and yells Rani… .Rukmani strolls crying. He says you are mine Rani… ..He exercises furiously and says you are only mine. Rukmani cries severely. Rani scans for Rukmani and supposes where is she? Tashi says she isn’t at home. Raghav says even Rivaaj isn’t at home. Tashi says staff part said that he had a battle with somebody. Rani gets stunned. Manjiri considers Rani and tells that Rukmani came here, and bolted herself, said that she will stay away forever. Rani says I will call you in at some point and thinks definitely something may occur. This is the perfect time to bring his fact infront of Ruku Didi.

Precap: Rani expresses gratitude toward Mata Rani for bringing truth infront of Rukmani and says she will ensure her didi and her better half. Rivaaj supposes he won’t let his life arithmetic turn out badly and looks irately.


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