Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Dhruv Breaks Societal Norms By Hugging Bheema


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhimbai asks Bheema to give his trophy to his mom when he is home. Somebody deliberately talks before Sakpal family that Ram ji and Bheema have been assaulted by somebody. Sakpal family races to class. They are calmed to see Ram ji and Bheema safe and relate everything. Smash ji quickly gets some information about Bheema’s Kaki. They rush to discover her yet she isn’t home. They begin looking in the town. Kaki is seen running in the fields with locals are pursuing her intently.

Townspeople encompass the woman. Her significant other strangulates her. She inhales her last. All locals grin in alleviation. Sakpal family and Puranjan reach there simply at that point. Bheema attempts to wake her up. He grumbles to his mom that Kaki isn’t stating anything. Bhimbai places her fingers before her nose and gets paralyzed. Bheema asks her what befell Kaki. Head and Guru ji look on from far. Kaki’s better half offers that he has murdered his significant other. Smash ji addresses him yet all locals assume liability of it individually. Mangesh says we have slaughtered her. Kaki’s better half discloses to Ram ji to gripe to police skipper now. He is allowed to capture us in the event that he can! Townspeople leave. Head and Guru ji leave too. Mangesh discloses to Ram ji he is more liable for her passing than them. Her family may have done her last ceremonies in the event that she had not been given safe house by you. Presently nobody will do her last rituals! He leaves.

Slam ji yells that he wont save anybody. I will give you police! He advises Bhimbai to pause and hurries to call police chief. Bheema reviews Kaki’s final words. He keeps the trophy in her grasp. Everybody cries. Bheema requests that her state how it feels to hold this trophy. This is my trophy. If it’s not too much trouble say something. He asks his mom for what reason Kaki isn’t stating anything. Bhimbai signals him to hush up. Allow her to rest. She was burnt out on running. He decays. She reveals to him that townspeople have slaughtered her. She wont find a good pace. She will never talk again. She can’t contact or feel your trophy. She has left us. Bheema says it implies we was unable to spare her. Bhimbai cries. We proved unable! Bheema touches Kaki’s head unfortunately.

Police chief inquires as to whether he should capture everybody. You recently said that everybody is vouching

Slam ji helps him to remember his obligation. You should grab the genuine guilty party. It is your dharma. Police chief gets some information about his locale. Who are you griping once more? You are only a bunch of individuals while that network is far additional in number. We should work cautiously with regards to address them! We will see later. Slam ji inquires as to whether killer will straightforwardly wander. Police chief asks him for what valid reason he offered safe house to her in any case. You have been in armed force. You realize it was a social fight. This was the motivation behind why everyone was happy to assume the fault. Leave!

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Townspeople congratulate Kaki’s better half. Narayan gives a discourse in his respect. He merits all the recognition. Whole town will recollect his penance. Mangesh cheers in his name. Narayan says the individuals who attempt to break our customs ought to recollect that they wont have the option to endure! Presently we will congratulate him by arranging a parade in his respect.

Puranjan covers the dead body with a duvet. Smash ji returns. He shares that police skipper wont come. Bheema offers to bring him however Bhimbai stops him. Ganga asks them what they will do about the dead body now. They wont even do her last customs. Slam ji says we will do it. We wont allow the body to decay.

Puranjan, Ram ji, Anand and Bala brings wood and set the fire. Then again, townspeople hold a merry parade over the town to commend their triumph. Smash ji makes Bheema light the fire. Locals do their happy move before Sakpal family.

It is evening time. Bhimbai tragically reviews how energized Didi was to impart Bheema’s triumph to us. She advises Meera to toss the fixings they had brought for kheer. A ton ought to stay deficient and we ought to recall it our whole life. Bheema picks Kaki’s cover. He thinks about their first gathering and how he lost her today. He opens his crate. Out comes the bit of fabric that the hairdresser had would not acknowledge from him. He keeps the sweeping beside it. Slam ji says books talk about mankind though a lady gets slaughtered transparently and men sit idle. What’s the purpose of these books at that point?

Next morning, Bheema visits where Kaki had inhaled his last. Anand and Bala discover him there. Don’t you need to go to class? They are astounded to see him crying. Bheema says we was unable to spare Kaki. Bala says we can’t be agitated with one thing forever. Bheema mourns that he was unable to spare Bheema. Anand asks him what he would you be able to have done alone. Dhruv says she isn’t the first beyond words. This general public has slaughtered numerous ladies! My mom was determined to fire by my Baba. Police commander dint do anything and neither did any other individual. Like your Kaki, a great deal numerous Kaki’s will keep on dieing. I am not dismal. You shouldn’t be pitiful either. I miss my Aayi yet I don’t feel pitiful. He cries thinking about his mom. Bheema approaches him. Try not to cry. Dhruv embraces him and weeps hysterically. My Aayi was generally excellent. Anand and Bala get strained.

Precap: Narayan insults Ram ji. You can neither spare somebody nor get the guilty parties rebuffed. Smash ji challenges him. Narayan advises locals to move toward police commander before Ram ji does anything. We ought to get him captured. Police skipper captures Ram ji.


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