Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Bhimbai Asks Surendra To Stay Away From Bheema


Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th January 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Surendra’s dad (Kailash) hauls him to the school. Disclose to me which kid you sit alongside. I won’t extra both of you! Surendra demands him to relinquish his hand however his dad guides him to hush up. They stroll inside the study hall and advise the educator to quit instructing. He takes a gander at the children. His eyes stop at Anand and Bheema. It is safe to say that they are similar children with whom you sat? Surendra gestures. Master ji asks him what occurred. Kailash lets him know not to go about as though he knows nothing. He asks his child who has been revealing to him all the jabber. Anand calls him Kaka. We are siblings. Kailash censures him for calling him Kaka. He addresses Guru ji about why he dint prevent his child from sitting with these children. Master ji demands him to quiet down. I will take care in future. Kailash instructs him to do that. My child won’t sit with them. He additionally advises Anand and Bheema to recollect their points of confinement or he will beat him. Chief asks Kailash what occurred. Kailash says I educate you to comprehend the distinction with respect to ranks and instruct it to the children as well. Follow that determinedly. Surendra takes a gander at Anand and Bheema. Chief encourages Surendra to sit with the individuals from his standing. One child requests that he sit with them. You are unadulterated at this point. Surendra takes a gander at them and afterward at Bheema and Anand. He again sits beside Bheema stunning everybody present in the study hall. Chief inquires as to whether he can’t follow what his Baba had quite recently guided him to do. Surendra reasons that Bheema and Anand are his companions. I will sit with them as it were. Anybody can proceed to tell my Baba! Chief leaves the class miserably. Bheema advises Surendra to sit with different children. Surendra lets him know not to prevent him from staying here in the event that he thinks about him his companion.

Chief advises Balchand to bring Ram ji asap. Master ji advises Balchand to likewise educate Ram ji that one child set out to step advance and become a close acquaintence with his children just because yet his children are as yet to blame. We neglect to comprehend why somebody is attempting to be near them! Chief lets him know not to help Anand and Bheema consistently. Master ji says I am not supporting anybody. Being an instructor I am just supporting what’s correct. Chief encourages him to do what he comes here to do. I will run the school. You can leave the school on the off chance that you are feeling terrible about it. Master ji consents to leave the school. According to you, I submitted a slip-up by supporting Bheema. I will leave. Chief asks him what he needs. Master ji says we should not make any difficulty for Bheema on the off chance that we can’t bolster him. that is all that I need. Balchand requests authorization to leave yet Principal instructs him to proceed to do his work. He likewise sends the Guru ji back to his group.

Slam ji is good to go to leave. Manjula and Tulsa carry a container to provide for their sister. She overlooked this last time. Meera and Bhimbai give them not many different things also. Slam ji requests that they give him hardly any more sacks in the event that they have. Being a Subedar, I will pick everything all alone. Everybody grins. Tulsa says you don’t need to really convey anything. We can drop you till the truck outside. You would then be able to go to station and go directly to Didi’s home. He guides them to leave it and picks it himself. He rules against boarding a truck set aside cash. Bhimbai stops him. is this why you prevented Tulsa from turning out? Smash ji says I will set aside cash by one way or another. It isn’t excessively far. She insults him on the separation. He says guardians stay youthful till the time the children aren’t hitched. I will be fine. She grins. Proceed. Slam ji leaves. she looks on sweetly. Each time he says something which quiets me. He is an incredible spouse yet he is a way preferable dad over that!

Bheema asks Surendra for what good reason he demanded sitting with them once more. You should wash again in the event that he discovers that you sat with us once more. Surendra wouldn’t fret. A child crashes into him on out. Surendra flinches in torment. Bheema gets some information about it. Surendra says Baba hit me. Bala, Anand and Bheema see the red stamps on his back. They are miserable to see him in torment. Bheema inquires as to whether he dint apply anything on his injury. Aai makes some balm utilizing turmeric. It assuages you of the agony. I will bring it. Surendra answers that mid-day break will be over when he will bring it. Class will continue. Bheema says let it be. Five star will be of Sanskrit. We aren’t permitted to sit in that one. I will be back soon. He runs towards home.

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A couple of residents notice Ram ji proceeding to choose to prod/insult him. They ask him where he is headed toward with this much stuff. Smash ji answers that it is for his senior girl. One person attempts to see yet Ram ji lets them know against it. He lets them know not to inconvenience him. They take the bag and pack and toss the substance on the ground. Slam ji battles with them yet futile. Two police officers notice it and stop them. What’s going on? Smash ji shares that he was simply passing by when these individuals tossed his stuff on the ground. One police officer asks him what his identity is. Slam ji shares his introduction. They salute him and help him. Smash ji says thanks to them. He offers laddoo to them. One resident is going to question yet another person stops him. Police officer expresses gratitude toward him for the laddoo and instructs him to go. Smash ji expresses gratitude toward him. He eyes the fallen laddoos unfortunately as he goes. A similar person tells the townspeople that Britishers have been administering over them as they don’t regard each other. The person you were upsetting is a resigned Subedar. You can be no place close. One resident counters that he is from a lower rank. The police officer isn’t pestered. You will be a worker till the time you will separate between individuals in light of their rank. On the off chance that you will live cheerfully with one another, at that point you will get both the sweet and opportunity. Cops discard the laddoo as they leave.

Bheema requests that his mom make the turmeric glue asap for his companion. I don’t have a lot of time. Bhimbai and Manjula go to make it.

Children choose to discover what Surendra and Bheema are doing. We will reveal to Surendra’s dad everything at night. Surendra will be beaten by and by and will be compelled to wash once more. Surendra, Bala and Anand are concealing close by. Bala says we will be in a difficult situation in the event that anybody sees us here. Anand says we are all around taken cover behind the truck. Bala says everybody is attempting to discover us so they can educate Surendra’s Baba about his undertakings with us. Surendra says it is fine. Allow them to see. Bheema comes there with turmeric glue. We don’t need anybody to see us together. You will be beaten once more. Bala advises Surendra to expel his kurta. Aai has made the glue. It will support you. Surendra thinks about all the past episodes. I would prefer not to put it. They take a gander at him in disarray. Why? Surendra says Bheema calls me his companion yet he can’t make a difference this himself. Is it true that we are extraordinary? Bheema says there is without a doubt a distinction however Surendra decays. It isn’t for me. You will either put it yourself or you can discard it! Bheema takes a gander at his siblings and afterward at Surendra. He picks the bowl, plunges his fingers in the glue and advises Surendra to pivot. Surendra cheerfully obliges. Bheema is going to apply the glue when his mom holds his hand.

Bhimbai censures Bheema for applying the glue on Surendra’s back. His folks wont save anybody on the off chance that they will get some answers concerning this! Bheema calls attention to at the injury on Surendra’s back. Bhimbai instructs him to comprehend. This drug will rather get salt for him. She censures Bala and Anand for not making Bheema comprehend. Take him from here. Bheema is worried about Surendra yet they take him to the homeroom. Surendra looks on tragically. Bhimbai cries. I realize you are an extremely decent child. You chose to be companions with my child since you are decent. Your greatness can murder my child and perhaps you as well! I beseech you to avoid my child. It would be ideal if you recollect my words. She leaves unfortunately.

Surendra takes a gander at Bheema as his siblings drag him back to the school persuasively. Surendra picks the bowl of glue as he ventures out from that point. Bheema grins yet his grin vanishes when he sees Surendra setting the bowl in a corner.



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