Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 28th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman And Shravan’s Drama Rehearsal


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 28th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Suman discloses to Shravan that they are in armed force school, that is the main thing normal. Shravan says they can turn out to be closest companions one day like their dads and requests that her give her number. She inquires as to why. He says to rehearse dramatization. She gives number and goes to washroom. Bunty strolls to him and whines that he never had tea with him and now is seen with Suman. He says its educator’s thought for the show. Bunty says armed force school permits young ladies and young men together, in non military personnel teacher shouts not to. Shravan says Suman isn’t his sort and indicating Devika sitting in next table strolls to her idiom she is his time. He endowments an arm ornament to Devika. Devika gets energized and asks reason. He says he thought gifting her something exceptional and there is no need of explanation behind that. Suman returns and asks Bunty what is he doing here. He flags at Shravan and Devika. Suman vapor seeing Shravan playing with Devika. Bunty inquires as to whether she will drop her till advertise and argues. She concurs furiously. Sitting as pillion, he inquires as to whether they can have aloo tikki. She asks in 1 plate. He says yes. She irately drops him halfway and leaves. Shravan calls her and apologizes her for leaving her halfway. She says she saw him playing with Devika. He inquires as to whether she saw Bunty. She says he needed to have tikki with her, she left him halfway. He requests that her go to his home for show practice after supper. She inquires as to whether he is apathetic to such an extent that he can’t walk 50 stages. He says her family completes supper by 8 p.m. what’s more, he gets eager after that. She concurs.

Around evening time, in the wake of completing supper, Kanchan asks Suman to play with her. Suman says she needs to go out. Shravan demands his aunt to remain back and not go to cousin’s wedding as Suman is wanting show practice. Aunt says its her cousin’s wedding and she can’t miss. Shravan then asks Avni to remain conscious till Suman remains here. She inquires as to whether he fears young lady and strolls to her room notice not to make any solid as she needs to get up right on time to finish task. Suman strolls in. He causes her to sit on couch and asks not to make sound as Avni is resting. She says let us practice elsewhere. He says gives up to his room on the off chance that she isn’t apprehensive. She says she isn’t. He takes her to his room. She is flabbergasted to see tidy up room. He shows his ex’s pics and his accounts. She at that point sees his badminton rivalry trophies and says she prefers not to concede however she is dazzled. He says he is a gifted kid, yet doesn’t concede. They start practices.

Kanchan sees a young lady with Shravan and exhaust that he is snared as of now. She thinks she needs to see chic’s pic who intrigued him. Suman turns, and Kanchan is flabbergasted to see that. Shravan stops practice and says enough for the day as he is worn out. She says alright. He says on the off chance that one realizes he is going to kick the bucket in war, for what reason should he go. Suman says he won’t comprehend. He offers to drop her home. She says she is independent. He says when she told about armymen pulling seats for women, when he is demonstrating valor, she is shouting at him. She gets back where Kanchan inquires as to whether she is having illicit relationship with Shravan. She says no and shows dramatization papers. She changes her night dress and strolls to from overhang where she sees Shravan moving in his grass and thinks what is he.

Precap: Shravan dazzles instructors and understudies. Suman says she won’t let him succeed. He says he can dazzle even her family. She requests to intrigue her granddad Brigadier Mohan Tiwari.


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