Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Suman Slaps Shravan


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Shravan, Suman, and every one of her colleagues keep on playing game at Anish’s gathering. They give a word and request to portray what they feel about. Somebody says aloo, pointing at Saheb. Kanchan says aloo upgrades dish’s taste, Saheb blends with everybody and improves their companionship. Saheb then asks Shravan to depict kinship. Shravan portrays about his fellowship with Suman and her unique characteristics. Anish says he knows who the young lady is. Shravan gets apprehensive. Anish says the young lady is Suman and exaggeratedly portrays how Shravan told that Suman is frantically in his affection, their late night parties, him talking about her privileged insights, and so on. Suman is stunned to hear that. Kanchan attempts to hit Shravan, however Suman stops her. Devika begins offending Shravan next and spreading cake all over says its a vengeance from her and Suman. Anish keeps offending Shravan and asks Suman for what valid reason her decision is so low, perhaps in light of the fact that she is Shravan’s neighbor and pal she succumbed to him. Suman inquires as to whether it is valid. Shravan asks her not to close and let him clarify, yet she slaps him. Anish yells at Shravan to get out and affronts Saheb and others that they are offended as a result of their pioneer and they can’t come nearer to him once more. Shravan attempts his best to clarify Suiman, yet she doesn’t leaves tragically.

Suman gets back and begins considering. Kanchan asks how might she pardon Shravan while she herself is smoldering reasoning what Shravan did. Shravan comes back to his room and furiously slaps himself saying he let modest individuals affront him, he can’t acknowledge rout and will return without a doubt, and so forth. Suman keeps drawing sheddding tears while Shravan likewise cries uproariously.

Following day, Shravan advises Bunty about yesterday’s entire episode. Bunty inquires as to for what reason did he endure alone, he would have met him yesterday itself. He encourages to go to class and not make a big deal about Suman by any means. Shravan says he will apologize Suman and whoever grieved him he won’t extra them.

Precap: Shravan apologizes Kanchan who requests that he chill and address Suman, recommends to visit home this evening. Shravan chooses to look for Suman’s statement of regret at any expense. Kanchan incites Dadaji to prepare his firearm and thinks Shravan will confront all the issues on the double and will always remember them. Shravan arrives at Suman’s home where his folks effectively present inquire as to for what reason did he come here.


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