Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan To Propose Suman?


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Suman and Kanchan go to Anish’s gathering. Devika signals Anish who gets some information about Shravan. She says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea. He says possibly he ison the way and requests that her chill with companions. Saheb comes straightaway, and he gets some information about Shravan who says he should be coming. Kanchan goes up against Suman that she persuaded Shravan to go to party, however didn’t call him by any stretch of the imagination. Suman says he called their grandpa as elderly person. Kanchan says he didn’t mean it and she ought to excuse him. Suman vapor. Shravan arrives at Suman’s home and inquires as to whether Suman is at home. Vijay says Suman and Kanchan host gone to get-together, was he to go with them. Shravan says yes. Vijay says in what manner can Suman do this error. Shravan says its his slip-up rather as he wasn’t certain of going and he kept his telephone off. Vijay cautions Shravan to be deal with Suman and Kanchan as they are his classmates, neighbors, companions, and so forth. Shravan gestures and leaves.

Anish fills Saheb’s plate with nourishment and requests that he appreciate. Companions inquire as to for what reason is he spoiling failures to such an extent. Anish says let their pioneer come, he will deliver retribution on the double. Devika asks when will Shravan and cake come. Anish says he will check. Shravan comes to on his bicycle and welcome Anish strolls to Suman and apologizes her. She figures he will say he won’t call her grandpa as elderly person. He says he won’t call her grandpa oldman and her Sumo, yet it would be lie, he would make an effort not to goad her once more. She thinks its hard to get him. She proceeds with her outrage while he attempts her best to quiet her down. He at that point portrays how his first sweetheart requested that he kiss her and he fled. Suman giggles. He says he depicted his humiliating occasion to look for her absolution. She says she was persuaded some time in the past. He says he knows as she drives a clench hand at whatever point she is mad, she loosened up some time in the past. She asks then for what reason did he proceed. He says he prefers persuading her and figures he won’t propose her currently, says he will leave presently; welcomes Anish and leaves requesting that he make the most of his gathering. Anish reveals to Suman that he had arranged extraordinary game to end contrasts among armed force and regular citizen understudies, so she ought to persuade Shravan and bring him back.

Suman strolls to Shravan when he is going to leave and inquires as to whether he won’t come in and locate another sweetheart. He says he previously discovered her. She asks non military personnel? He says armed force young lady? She requests to communicate every one of his emotions at that point. He says she is looking wonderful, and so forth. She requests to come in and express it to her better half. He strolls behind her reasoning he will propose her. Anish begins game.

Precap: Shravan portrays every one of his companions about his sweetheart, pointing at Suman. Everybody serenade Suman Shravan.. Suman mournful slaps him, and he leaves tragically.


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