Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan’s Master Plan


Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 19th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Suman looks from school transport window for Shravan. Kanchan insults in the event that she is missing somebody. Suman says he was disturbing since 2 days, so she was thinking what befell him. Kanchan says even she is missing him, where is he incidentally. Suman thinks where is he. They arrive at school. Anish seeing Shravan’s bicycle stopped figures he will destroy it. Suman look Shravan. Shravan with Saheb look through rundown, and Saheb asks where will they discover regular folks. Shravan sees a couple of understudies peeping at young ladies playing sports and says these are regular folks. Saheb inquires as to whether they are regular people. They state yes. Shravan brings up not many more regular folks, at that point during class calls them all colloquialism chief assembled them for sports conference. Instructor thinks since when they began playing sports. Suman takes her group to chief’s lodge while Shravan takes non military personnel understudies to ground and says he called them and not head and gives them urging discourse to quit taking cover behind and battle for their right, this year regular citizen names ought to be more than armed force understudy list. He drones hows the josh. They all serenade high sir. Anish with his group strolls to them and says on the off chance that they dare attempt to partake, they will be destroyed. Shravan cautions him and says they will partake and even win this time. Anish says in the event that they win, he will wander naked in the ground. Shravan acknowledges demand.

Devraj meets brigadier in armed force contingent and solicitations him to give him weapon contract. Brigadier says armed force works in its own particular manner and don’t trust corporates. Devraj says he is purchased up among armed force families and Colonel Vijay Tiwari is his cherished companion. Vijay seeing him strolls to him, salutes Brigadier and asks Vijay what is he doing here. Brigadier says he thought of strategic agreement and leaves. Vijay cautions him again not to blend kinship and business and not to drag his name. Devraj leaves smoldering. Suman waves Devraj, yet his drives his vehicle away overlooking her.

Shravan with his regular citizen companions inconvenience Anish’s group in an equivalent manner Anish and his group upset them. Instructor gives them show contents. Shravan plans to change Anish’s content and discloses in detail to his group. Group goes about as he says and changes Anish’s content with their content. In practice lobby, educator requests that Anish’s group initially perform. Anish conveys wrong exchanges. Shravan’s group menace him.

Precap: Shravan and Anish battle, and Suman attempts to stop them. Brigadier sets Suman and Shravan for an amigo venture.


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