Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Shravan Joins Army School


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During supper, Shravan sits quietly while family appreciates supper. Chachi says today she arranged his most loved rajma chawal. Chacha says loads of ghee is included. Shravan says he wouldn’t like to. Devraj says he will eat father’s respect and cautions him that he is going to armed force school without a doubt. Shravan says he wouldn’t like to. Cousin insults him that a unimposing young lady pulled him down so effectively. Shravan says he won’t extra Vijay uncle’s little girl. Devraj admonishes to set out not inconvenience Vijay’s little girl and quit being flippant, who drinks at 18. Chacha reminds that they began drinking at 17.5. Devraj anxiously says they even accomplished large. Shravan says he will accomplish a lot greater throughout everyday life and won’t go to armed force school. Vijay cautions that his choice is conclusive. He reproves Kavitha that she is ruining Shravan by giving him cash, so he will diminish day by day cost spending plan. Kavitha mumbles, yet gets quiet observing Vijay.

In Suman’s home, Raghu is occupied over telephone. Gia strolls to him and says its 8 p.m., supper time, she is sick of early supper and gets eager 12 PM, so she keeps nourishment covered up in pantry. The two of them join family for supper. Raghu says today is Vijay bhaiya’s unique, so his preferred dishes are readied. Daddu says Vijay did right by him and even Suman with her incredible motion. Gia says Suman is very much refined, however Shravan is absolutely inverse. Dadaji says Shravan knows taking, drinking, meandering, and so forth.. Suman says he shouldn’t have uncovered Shravan before everybody like this. Anjali says everybody ought to be given a reasonable opportunity to change. Vijay says educator is correct, Shravan is getting affirmation in armed force school and will learn discipline.

Bunty cries hearing Shravan is going to armed force school. Shravan requests that he quit crying. Bunty peruses armed force booklet and says as per it, he can’t utilize cell phone, no music, and so on., good luck for him. Shravan says he will ensure he doesn’t get confirmation by any means. Next morning, Shravan goes with his folks to armed force school where Major Bakshi gloats about his fortitude and says his senior official skilled him stogie and he has kept it for the courageous official like him, at that point inquires as to what are they doing here. Devraj reminds about Shravan’s confirmation with Vijay’s proposal. Bakshi inquires as to whether she got suggestion letter. She gives letter. Devraj asks when will confirmation customs complete. Bakshi says affirmation is as of now finished, Shravan can join class today itself. Kavita asks without uniform. Bakshi says yes and takes Shravan to skipper who is talking about armed force day march with understudies. Ankit thinks what is he doing here. Shravan thinks for what reason are they remaining under sun.

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Commander asks Shravan to present himself. Shravan says his name is Shravan. Commander requests to present with his dad’s name. An understudy breakdown. Chief requests to have his spot. Suman thinks poor non military personnel will experience the ill effects of hereon. Shravan smiles to Suman. Ankit grumbles that Shravan needs him to talk with adoration. Suman thinks if Shravan needs incredible. Skipper calls Suman and says she got her dad’s suggestion for Shravan, so she should advise how to act with Shravan with adoration. Suman orders Shravan to loosen his shoes. Everybody giggles. Shravan says he won’t obey Suman. Suman requests that he bow down and take a ground’s round quietly. He powerlessly obeys while everybody snicker. Suman’s companion says they all will appreciate. Suman feels tragic for Shravan.

Precap: Suman reveals to Vijay that Shravan will ruin his name. Shravan challenges that he will end reviewing framework in armed force school.


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