Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Iti And Yug’s Joyful Outing


Dil Jaise Dhadke Dhadakne Do 14th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Yug gets up in the first part of the day thinking back his crucial closure akdu/Iti’s pity. He prepares eearly. Shanti says he gets up late when he has school, what happened today. He says he is going to end Udasin’s udasi/trouble today and flees picking rotis. He goes to purchase doll house from a shop and hearing merchant citing 5000 rs thinks its more than his yearly school expenses. He makes a doll house with the assistance of his companions, the gets into Iti’s room by means of overhang and awakens her sprinkling water from lotus blossom. Iti awakens. He says this is the best approach to wake her up and blessings her lotus. She doesn’t grin and still, after all that. He says she is so akdu and inquires as to whether she at any point gone out and delighted in downpour with companions, and so forth.. She doesn’t grin and, after its all said and done. He says he has a shock for her and broadens his hand. She holds his hand. He takes her out and gives her doll house. She grins. He says this doll house is for the doll he talented that day and presents his companions Meva, Kashi, and Bansuri. He at that point requests that her express gratitude toward him. She stands quiet and still, at the end of the day. Bansuri says his new companion can’t talk. Yug says no young lady on the planet can be quiet, soon she will likewise talk. He takes her on his cycle and gets her ice gola, she doesn’t grin and still, at the end of the day. He at that point gets her treats floss and pays seller 10 rs. Merchant asks 30 rs more. He says he will fill in as a collaborator. Seller reclaims candyfloss. Yug takes Iti on cycle again to his preferred spot.

Pankaj takes Devguru and Bhavini towards his home in his vehicle and inquires as to whether he normally visits Prayagraj. Devguru says frequently to get infinite vitality, however this opportunity he came to take his devi along and no one can stop him. He asks what befell his little girl. Pankaj says after a fire mishap, her little girl got a psychological stun and doesn’t talk after that. Devguru requests that he show his daugther’s pic. Pankaj appears, however telephone gets off. Devguru says appears as though telephone’s battery depleted, he will see his little girl at home itself.

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Yug takes Iti to his preferred spot lake and goes to get lotus blossoms for her. She sees snake slithering towards him and with incredible trouble calls his name and says snake. Yug hops into water and turns out holding snake and says its his companion nagraj. He asks her name. She says Iti. Their visiting proceeds with when Devguru’s helper recognizes Iti as Devi and calls Bhavini. Pankaj takes Devguru and Bhavini home and when they are going to enter in, Bhavini gets associate’s call that Devi is close to lake. Bhavini educates Devguru who leaves briskly revealing to Pakaj that his little girl and house are fortunate to him as he discovered his devi and his gifts will consistently be on his little girl.

Helper holds Iti’s feet and argues to go with him. Yug thinks him as youngster hijacker and getaways with Iti. Assistant tails them. Yug with his companions’ assistance rebuffs associate and shoos hound on him. Helper flees. Devguru arrives at lake and discovering Iti’s strides on a stone curves before it. Associate advises Bhavini that a devilish kid removed Devi. Devguru’s companion from New York comes to meet him.

Precap: Yug seeing Iti cheerful says he can do anything for her joy. Iti wears covers and runs along Yug. Devguru lifts stone with devi’s impression and strolls around Prayagraj. His feet drain and he tumbles down. Iti remains before him. He says he realized she would come and stretches out hand to expel her veil.


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