Dadi Amma Maan Jao 26th March 2020 Written Episode Update : Dhruv Gets Beaten


Dadi Amma Maan Jao 26th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Rekha says in the event that anybody finds the pack of cash they will contact me, and I will be in a tough situation. Rekha hears two police officer discover a sack and gets terrified, however they discover another pack, Rekha begins searching for hers. Shraddha in police headquarters giving subtleties of the women. Dhruv gets call from Shlok to get Shraddha home for memorial service customs. Dhruv says to Sketch craftsman let us go, she needs to go to her dads burial service, Sketch craftsman says please give us some time, she is just observer, Dhruv says enough of it, she needs to go, her dads memorial service ceremonies are to be occurred. Police prevent Dhruv from taking Shraddha away, he gets in battle with the police. Reviewer furious strolls to Dhruv and says need to be a saint, I let you know so often to ward off, don’t you see, simply pause and watch,you attempting to push a police officer, and requests a stick and starts hitting Dhruv.

Prabhas, Shlok and Sunderlal at Pradhans preparing for memorial service ceremonies alongside Anjali. Rekha strained for her cash sack. Vikas burial service ceremonies start, Rekha sits close to Anjali. Anjali embraces her and starts crying. Dhruv is beaten in police headquarters. Anjali strolls to Vikas dead body embraces it and starts crying. Sunderlal says to Rekha, Anjali accepts you as her mom she needs you, Rekha says I figure we should disregard her and let her have time with her dad, Sunderlal says no its not time to disregard her go close to her and pushes Rekha close Anjali, Rekha strolls to Anjali.

Anjali embraces Rekha and starts crying, Rekha says control yourself, Vikas wouldn’t have preferred to consider you to be such. Ajooba awakens anxious, considering Vikas. Rekha says Anjali its not your deficiency plunk down, control yourself, Panditji says we should incinerate before dusk, Anjali says stand by at some point Shraddha must be on her way, Shraddha argues to Inspector to save him and he wont return and will apologize, Inspector says madam you can go however he will remain here, he will be shown a decent exercise.

Ajooba goes out.

Precap: Shraddha illuminates Anjali that Ajooba has left for home and he shouldn’t find out about baba.


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