Daayan 8th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Daayan Kidnaps Jahnvi


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Jahnvi and Brijesh chachu take Asha Daayan caught in mirror towards sanctuary. Daayan yells to free her and stops once they enter sanctuary compound. Jahnvi says with mantra control, dadyan quit yelling. Daayan cautions they are fouling up. They enter sanctuary. Taimaa performing havan with family advises Brijesh they are performing shanti havan. Jahnvi and Brijesh join family concealing mirror in a pack. Brijesh asks Jahnvi to proceed to get Aakarsh out of Satrupa’s snare as todayy is their suhagraat and if Satrupa succeeds, Aakarsh can’t be spared once more. Jahnvi inquires as to for what reason should she. Satrupa strolls in sanctuary compound and cautions Jahnvi that she fouled up by catching daayan in mirror and should return mirror to her. Jahnvi inquires as to for what reason should she. Satrupa says she isn’t daayan and can enter sanctuary, advises her that

she took her to yaksini sanctuary last time. She endeavors to enter sanctuary, however gets stun. Everybody celebrate while she strolls way astonished. Daayan’s colleague gets some answers concerning Daayan being caught and thinks how to free daayan as she can’t enter prithvilok, so she needs to alarm Aakarsh and no one but he can spare daayan. Aakarsh who is hanging tight for Satrupa in their room is engrasped in her considerations and scaled down daayan’s voice does not cross Satrupa’s made boundary and contact him. Satrupa then meets Chandrika and incites her to proceed to get reflect in which Jahnvi caught Daayan and deliver retribution from Jahnvi. Chandrika strolls to sanctuary and asks Jahnvi to give her mirror. Jahnvi straight denies and falls flat Chandrika’s show. Satrupa supposes she needs to free daayan at any expense and coming back to sanctuary compound makes ruin by means of her dark enchantment. Tempest develops and Jahnvi’s family hold sanctuary columns for help. Mirror tumbles down close Satrupa. Satrupa liberates Daayan. Asha Daayan develops and cautions Jahnvi that she fouled up by catching her and be prepared for discipline. Patalini watches it on mysterious mirror and thinks how to help Jahnvi, she can’t move from here.

Aakarsh excitedly hangs tight for Satrupa and once she returns asks where she had gone. She says she had some significant work, presently no one will irritate them. She takes him to bed and gets sentimental. He sees Jahnvi’s ring on floor and picks it. Satrupa says she would have dropped her while cleaning room. Aakarsh says he saw Jahnvi wearing it before leaving, it must be uncommon ring. Satrupa tosses ring and says Jahnvi intentionally endeavors to isolate them. Daayan contacts her cave and thinking back Jahnvi catching her yells she won’t extra Jahnvi now. Jahnvi’s family examines about being caught in royal residence and getting Jahnvi wedded to a wrong man, daayan’s child Aakarsh. Satrupa gets sentimental with Aaakarsh once more. Aakarsh gets some information about her past. She begins that her dad was world’s greatest conjurer and he used to demonstrate her loads of enchantment and get her butterflies and she used to play entire day with butterflies. One day she picked her dad’s mysterious wand and recited wrong mantras, enormous power rose up out of wand and hit her dad, and her dad passed on right away. Her mom reviled her realizing this to part herself into 7 hues and 7 frames; from that point forward she is meandering.

Jahnvi reveals to Brijesh that they couldn’t battle with daayan and just Patalini maa can enable them to as she did previously. Brijesh makes Jahnvi sit on a material and requests that her endeavor to contact Patalini maa. Jahnvi endeavors to contact Patalini maa, however can’t and educates Brijesh. She illuminates him that Asha flagged her to achieve some collapse wilderness for penance; she will go there and attempt to discover how to contact Patalini. Brijesh says she can achieve dayan lok by means of Asha’s room. Jahnvi says this is the main way and discloses her arrangement to him in detail. He goes with her. They achieve wilderness. Asha daayan celebrates seeing Jahnvi and hijacks her, leaving Brijesh in stun. Brijesh flees and achieving lodging educates family that Daayan abducted Jahnvi; he needs to proceed to illuminate Aakarsh. Veer says he will go with him. They achieve Aakarsh’s room and thump entryway. Satrupa opens entryway and says Aakarsh won’t meet them. They commandingly go into room and state Aakarsh they have to talk. Aakarsh says he wouldn’t like to. Brijesh says his mom Asha Daayan captured Jahnvi and needs to forfeit her. Aakarsh asks how can he know his mom’s actual personality. Brijesh says they know a great deal and he ought to proceed to spare Jahnvi. Satrupa says they are attempting to slaughter Aakarsh’s mom. Aakarsh indignantly holds Brijesh’s neckline. Veer attempts to stop Aakarsh futile. Satrupa keeps inciting Aakarsh. Aakarsh tosses Brijesh and Veer out of room and bolts entryway. Satrupa supposes she won’t let Aakarsh recollect Jahnvi and tying Aakarsh with dupatta allures him. Manmarziyaan… song..plays out of sight.

Daayan chains Jahnvi and says be prepared for penance. Jahnvi trusts Aakarsh will spare her. Daayan supposes she will forfeit Jahnvi and present her spirit to Patalini to end up eternal. Jahnvi stands up to Daayan and says she has lost her presence of mind and won’t comprehend what is correct off-base. Daayan says she will isolate Jahnvi’s spirit into 5 sections and will end all her 5 detects, at that point she will present her spirit to Patalini and become eternal. Jahnvi says everybody has ideal to dream, yet her fantasy won’t work out as expected.

Precap: Satrupa inquires as to whether he is considering Jahnvi. Aakarsh says he believes he knows Jahnvi well from previously. Prachi energetically advises family that she saw Aakarsh going out, he more likely than not gone to spare Jahnvi. Aakarsh brings Jahnvi’s dead body. Prithvi affirms Aakarsh that his mom executed Jahnvi. Family plays out Jahnvi’s last rights.


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