Daayan 28th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Serial Ends With Jahnvi Killing Daayan


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Jahnvi discloses to Aakarsh that she needs to return home as it is difficult to get mani at any rate. He goes to princess room. Rulers yells and calls officers. Aakarsh argues not to yell and slaps her when she doesn’t stop. She tumbles down, and he picks mani from her and seeing her still alive acknowledges Satroopa lied that princess will kick the bucket if mani is taken out from her. He is sorry saying he needs mani to spare his better half and tyke and vanishes. Princess calls officers. Satroopa enters and slaughters princess supposing she can get Aakarsh until the end of time. Ruler enters, Satroopa says Aakarsh murdered princess to get mani. Lord requests to get Aakarsh and Jahnvi. Aakarsh offers mani to Jahnvi. Fighters assault them, yet Aakarsh calls Patalini who uses gadget and calls them. Just Jahnvi develops on earth with precious stone. Jahnvi

asks where is Aakarsh. Patalini says Aakarsh flagged her just to call Jahnvi and not him. Jahnvi solicitations to call Aakarsh by one way or another. Patalini attempts, yet gadget pulverizes; she says Aakarsh can’t come back to this world again and he himself annihilated it, so she needs to comprehend what occurred in Anaam lok. Jahnvi educates how Satroopa gave half mani to princess, and so on. Ruler torments Aakarsh and requests troopers to discover Jahnvi. Aakarsh says Jahnvi is a human and lord should torment him and extra her. Lord says he will bring her from prithvi lok and execute her. Aakarsh argues to hurt him and not Jahnvi. Satroopa enters and says Aakarsh slaughtered princess for mani. Aakarsh says when he took mani and left, princess was fine; he utilizes his supernatural powers and discovers Satroopa executed princess, educates lord that his alleged visitor murdered princess. Ruler does not believe him and requests troopers to cut Aakarsh into pieces and balance them on divider. Jahnvi argues Patalini maa to send her to Anaam lok to bring back Aakarsh. Patalini says she can’t. Asha rises and gets cheerful seeing mani with Jahnvi. Jahnvi demands Asha daayan to spare Aakarsh from Anaam lok as Satroopa played a trap and caught him there. Asha says she will bring back Aakarsh just in the event that she gives mani. Jahnvi inquires as to whether she isn’t afraid to approach mani as opposed to stressing for her child. Daayan assaults. Jahnvi counterattacks with mani pursued by Patalini. Daayan vanishes saying she will take mani at any expense.

Jahnvi strolls to Prachi and feels miserable seeing her condition. Brijesh shows Veer who is transforming into stone. Jahnvi apologizes Veer for his condition on account of her and implores mani to fix Veer on the off chance that it truly has any forces. Daayan in her nook thinks how to get Aakarsh from Anaam lok and take mani from Jahnvi. Betalini says she ought not make a big deal about Aakarsh as he is her backstabbing child. Jahnvi demands mani to send her to Anaam lok to bring back Aakarsh. Mani Daitya rises and asks Jahnvi to offer mani to Daayan. Jahnvi says she won’t until Aakarsh is back on earth and her family has returned to typical. Mani Daitya assaults her and asks where is mani. She says it is behind column and when he heads towards column, she picks mani and cautions that it is with her and she will break it in the event that he doesn’t support her. Mani Daitya consents to send her to Anaam lok for 24 hours and sends her there. Daayan develops just the two of them vanish and blasts Prithvi and Dipank’s stone bodies into pieces. Family cries seeing that. Patalini rises and hearing their cry says they can be resuscitated as death and birth is in god’s grasp, requests that they assemble every stone piece and hold up till Jahnvi comes back with mani. Daayan rises again and slaughters Patalini and says no one can spare Prithvi and Dipank.

Jahnvi camouflaged as pari/heavenly attendant inquiries Aakarsh and discovers him engraved in a divider. Aakarsh sees Jahnvi and requests that her leave before ruler sees her. Jahnvi says not without taking him back. Ruler strolls in and requests to catch Jahnvi. Jahnvi addresses Satroopa that she knows Satroopa is here itself and is making messy diversions to spare herself, she will call mani Daitya and uncover her reality. Lord requests to take Jahnvi away and takes mani from her. After at some point, Satroopa enters to take mani. Lord rises and tying her calls Jahnvi and says Jahnvi was correct that Satroopa will attempt to take mani to shroud her fact, he won’t extra her for murdering his girl. Satroopa lies and assaults Jahnvi. Ruler assaults Satroopa and she falls oblivious. Jahnvi with Aakarsh returns home and demands mani daitya to fix her family. Mani daitya requests that her utilization mani to fix them. She fixes Prachi, Veer, and gets back Pritvhi, Dipank and Vishaka to life. Daayan with Betalnii rises and assaults Jahnvi to get mani. Aakarsh and Jahnvi counterattack them with mani and Aakarsh’s super powers. Daayan orders her malevolent associates to murder Jahnvi’s family. They assault Jahnvi’s family. Daayan then assaults Aakarh. Akarsh counterattacks. Half mani from her hand flies and reunites with other half part in Jahnvi’s grasp. Mani daitya says she spared his life by rejoining mani and as guaranteed reunites her infant and vanishes into mani. Daayan orders Jahnvi to restore her mani. Jahnvi says at whatever point daayan rises on earth, Jahnvi will arrive at end her. She kills Dayaan and Betalini with mani. Aakarsh feels dismal seeing his mom’s fiery debris. Jahnvi says we are typical human and on the off chance that we keep mani here, some detestable come and attempt to annihilate world, so Aakarsh should mani to a protected spot for all time. After 1.5 years, Jahnvi and Aakarsh play with their child. Infant utilizes superpowers to get toy to him, and the two of them are flabbergasted to see that.

The sequential finishes with Jahnvi slaughtering Daayan and living joyfully with Aakarsh and their infant everafter.


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