Daayan 27th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Aakarsh And Jahnvi Get Half Mani


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Jahnvi and Aakarsh cover up in Pisach lok. Pisach tails them. Aakarsh makes Jahnvi sitattacks Pisach and requests to give him mani. Pisach assaults Aakarsh. Aakarh counterattacks Pisach who calls his group and they take Aakarsh and Jahnvi to their supervisor Khaja who asks who are they. Aakarsh lies that they came here accidentally. Khaja says daayan and human’s jodi is special, they unquestionably came here with a reason. Aakarsh keeps lying that they came here accidentally. In royal residence, Veer sees even his hand turning stone subsequent to contacting Jahnvi’s family and understands Daayan’s notice to avoid defensive obstruction is correct. He supposes until he is alive, he will attempt to support family. Prachi sees him strained and questions. He shrouds his hands and says it isn’t the ideal opportunity for sentiment yet to spare family

what’s more, leaves there. In Pisach lok, Khaja requests to execute Aakarsh and Jahnvi. Aakarsh argues not to murder his significant other as she is pregnant. Khaja says then they will forfeit 3 lives. Jahnvi asks Aakarsh to call Patalini maa. Aakarsh requests that her pause. Jahnvi requests that he free her, she will take mani from pisach. He does with his dark enchantment and she grabs mani from pisach. Pisachs attempt to assault her, however she assaults them with mani control. Aaakrsh calls Patalini maa for assistance. She gets them back on earth by means of mysterious gadget, however Betalini’s associates grab gadget and flee. Patalini keeps running behind them and cautions to return gadget. Mani Daitya rises there and murdering Betalini’s associates reclaims gadget and returns it to Patalini. Patalini gets back Jahnvi and Aakarsh on earth, at that point goes to Betalini and rebuffs her for attempting to hurt mani and takes her to his cavern.

Jahnvi chooses to give half mani to daayan to spare her family, calls Asha daayan, and requests to free her 2 relatives if Asha needs half mani. Asha denies and attempts to assault Jahnvi. Jahnvi cautions she can hurt her with mani. Asha requests that whom free. Brijesh says older folks, Jahnvi says Taiji and papaji. Daayan liberates them both and asks mani. Jahnvi gives her mani. Daayan takes mani to mani Daitya. Mani daitya says he knows how Aakarsh and Jahnvi brought this mani part keenly, yet in addition saw Daayan’s shrewdness. Daayan attempts to give him mani, however daiya cautions her to avoid him and just return in the wake of getting the two sections. She sees Betalini there and inquires as to for what reason is she here. Daitya says she attempted to hurt Jahnvi’s family with beast scorpions and reptiles and she doesn’t need Daayan to get back her forces, so he rebuffed her. Daayan demands him to free Betalini and coming to daayan lok thinks why mani daitya didn’t contact mani when he is so edgy to get it, she needs to discover his shortcoming. Betalini thinks in any event Daayan fears somebody. Jahnvi asks Aakarsh where is mani’s another part. Aakarsh says in Anaam lok where pari/heavenly attendants remain, which is kinda separated. The two of them reach Anaam lok and are hypnotized with its excellence, astounded to see Satroopa there who is parilok ruler and ruler’s dear companion and has come to go to princess wedding. Ruler expresses gratitude toward her for coming and asks where are her 6 structures. Satroopa lies that they are looking through changed universes and indignantly supposes she lost her 6 lives due to Jahnvi and her kid. She smells them and thinks why they are here. Aakarsh discovers mani part which Satroopa takes before them and asks what are they doing here. Lord with his watchmen gets them and asks what are they doing here. Aakarsh says they came here unintentionally. Lord requests to toss them behind bars till his little girl’s wedding. Satroopa says she realizes them well, they are from pritvhi lok and helped her a great deal during her trek there, so she will take affirmation that they won’t reeal about Anaam lok subsequent to coming back to Prithvi lok. Ruler requests to take them both to visitor rooms.

Taiji and Papaji trust Jahnvi and Aakarsh bring second piece of mani and free Prithvi, Vishakha, and others. Papaji sees Veer and requests to come and sit. He says he is feeling unwell. Papaji requests that he proceed to rest at that point. Brijesh tosses heavenly powder on Veer supposing he is controlled by underhandedness soul. Prachi attempts to contact Veer, yet he cautions to avoid him. She demands. He demonstrates his stone turning hand and says he held Prithvi when he was falling and even his hand transformed into stone, he can’t see Prachi in a difficult situation until he is alive thus she ought not contact him. Prachi indignantly goes up against Daayan and solicitations to free her better half. Daayan develops and denies. Prachi attempts to assault Daayan. Daayan rebuffs her. Family call Patalini and solicitation to fix Prachi. Patalini says she can’t help her as just Daayan realizes how to fix her. They at that point call mani Daitya who likewise denies to help Prachi as he can’t outrage either Jahnvi or Daayan. Family trusts Jahnvi and Aakarsh come back with mani soon. Jahnvi strolls into Satroopa’s room masked as pari with wonderful blooms. Aakarsh pursues straightaway, ties Satroopa, and requests to return mani. She requests to free her first. He liberates her and she says she talented that mani to princess which she fixed it in her crown and her life is appended to that mani now, on the off chance that they attempt to take mani from crown, princess will kick the bucket. Jahnvi gets strained. Satroopa insults Aakarsh that he is daayan and can execute princess to get mani, however on the off chance that he leaves Jahnvi and comes back to her, she will give him cash. Betalini investigates about mani Daitya and illuminates that his name is Kushabahu who was serving a rishi and the two of them found amazing mani somewhere down in the earth, Kushabahu thinking about mani’s forces sold out rishi and got it, rishi reviled Kushabahu to live in mani and in the event that he even contacts it, he will blast into flame. Daayan says that is the reason mani daitya does not contact mani pieces.

Precap: Patalini advises Jahnvi that devic is demolished and Aakarsh can’t return once more. Mani daitya cautions Jahnvi to either fix the two pieces of mani or return it to Asha daayan, he will blast soon something else.


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