Daayan 21st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi And Aakarsh Reach Pisach Lok To Get Mani Piece


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Jahnvi sincerely addresses her unborn child that she adores him/her a ton, yet she has prematurely end him/her to spare the world; he/she ought not abhor his/her dad Aakarsh as he is simply following his obligation. Aakarsh with Brijesh and Veer hears her agonizing discussion. Brijesh says Jahnvi is in profound torment, so Aakarsh ought not prematurely end infant and rather bring mani and offer it to Mani Daitya. Aakarsh says he doesn’t confide in Mani Daitya. Brijesh says he confides in Mani Daitya as he hoped to talk truuth. Aakarsh strolls to Jahnvi and tells infant that he cherishes him/her a great deal and will secure him/her at any expense. He reveals to Jahnvi that he will discover where mani pieces are and return them to Mani Daitya. Mani Daitya watching it by means of dark enchantment believes that is the thing that he needs. Daayan hears Aaakrsh and reveals to Betalini that Aakarsh

will get mani pieces, she will grab mystical shundakar gadget from Aaakrsh and get mani herself. Betalini supposes she won’t let Daayan get back her forces, else she will make her as slave. Aakarsh by means of supernatural gadget discovers one piece of mani is in pisach lok. Daayan with Betalini rises there and asks Aakarsh to offer gadget to her. Aakarsh denies. Daayan assaults him. Aakarsh battles with Daayan and Betalini and conceals gadget making an obstruction around it. Daayan and Betalini escape from that point and come back to Daayan lok where Betalini discloses to Daayan that they can’t contact gadget, so they need to take a stab at something different. Aakarsh reveals to Jahnvi that maa won’t attempt to take gadget once more.

Brijesh advises family that Aakarsh is prepared to get mani pieces and spare his infant and world from Mani Daitya. Family at that point sees Daayan’s reptiles and attempts to get away. Daayan returns and assaults Jahnvi’s family. Aakarsh and Jahnvi hear sounds and surge down to front room are stunned to see Daayan tormenting family. Aakarsh battles with Daayan, yet falls flat. Daayan solidifies family in a defensive obstruction and cautions no one should contact them, else they will kick the bucket. Jahnvi argues Daayan to save her family. Daayan says she will in the event that they get mani pieces for her. The two of them concur.

Jahnvi meets Mani Daitya and educates what daayan did. Mani Daitya says Daayan is untrustable, so Jahnvi ought to do what daayan says. Aakarsh prepares to go to Pisach lok. Jahnvi says her family’s life is in peril, so she will likewise go with him. Aakarsh says she is pregnant and ought not go to pisach lok as merciless wrongs remain there. Jahnvi demands. Aakarsh says somebody ought to be available here to get back to them by means of gadget. Jahnvi says Patalini maa can support them. Aakarsh calls Patalini maa by means of enchantment and solicitations her to watch gadget till they return and call them through it. Patilini concurs. Aakarsh and Jahnvi leave for pisach lok.

Betalini sends scorpions to slaughter Jahnvi’s family. Prachi, Veer, and Brijesh attempt to break boundary to spare family. Scorpions assault them and they slaughter it with flame and sanctuary’s blessed cinder. Aakarsh with Jahnvi comes to pisach lok where pisach men attempt to assault them, they trick pisach and stow away. Pisach tail them by their smell. Aakarsh uses dark enchantment and covers smells. Pisach leave. Daayan comes to Patalini and chuckles that Patalini is working for her as Aakarsh and Jahnvi have gone to get mani pieces for her. Prachi, Veer, and Brijesh stand up to her for breaking her guarantee and sending scorpions. Daayan says she didn’t do that. Jahnvi gets work torments, yet Aakarsh quiets down and escapes pisach. Aakarsh utilizes his forces to discover where mani is, the two of them at that point see pisachs hitting the dance floor with broken mani piece. He says mani is held by pisach pioneer and it is difficult to get it.

Precap: Daayan says she will recuperate Jahnvi’s family just in the event that she gives the two bits of mani. Jahnvi says just on the off chance that she liberates her 2 relatives. She solicits Aakarsh where is second part from mani. Aakarsh says Anaam lok where parasitic blessed messengers remain.


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