Daayan 13th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Immerses King’s Ashes Into Lake


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Jahnvi with family attempts to leave Aakarsh’s hotel by methods for aberrant access when Aakarsh ascends there. They all get stressed, and Taiji says that suggests Aakarsh is really daayan. Aakarsh says they need not fear him, anyway Jahnvi messed up by devouring ruler’s body and destroying his mother’s 500-year-old determined work. He masterminds Vishakha and Prithvi to watch them and asks Jahnvi to tail him. He takes Jahnvi to room and asks where is the best’s powder. Jahnvi says probably taken off in water. He demands to stop her sensation and tell where she covered them. Jahnvi says when he is daayan, for what reason did he go about as venerating her and played with her estimations. Aakarsh says he really treasures her, that is the reason he and his mother did not hurt her. He requests to tell where rulers red hot garbage are. She continues hollering that his

mother is pernicious and she won’t support her at any cost. Aakarsh says his mother is faultless and was not daayan, Raja made her daayan and starts story that master saw her mother in wild and mesmerized with her perfection married her. He by then revealed to her that he needs her significant other to be a mind boggling and heavenly ruler by getting a remarkable noteworthy mani from cave, yet nobody yet daayan can get it; he understands a woman to change into daayan, anyway does not understand how to change her back. His better half agrees to advance toward getting to be daayan for him in his worship. Ruler changes her into daayan by methods for dim charm and sends her into natural hollow as daayan to get mani. She walks around natural hollow and carries out mani taking a risk with her life and offers it to ruler. Covetous ruler goes separate ways with her and deserts her in the wake of getting mani. She contends that he reveres her, by then why he needs to revoke her. He wounds her with sword and murders her. Woman ends up being even more predominant after death as she is daayan and solicitations that ruler return mani. Master tries to wreck her by methods for dim charm, anyway she kills him yet does not find mani with him, so she recalls that him for mani. Out of flashback, Aakarsh says his mother expected to recover mani and truly revered master. Jahnvi says she doesn’t trust in him, why daayan necessities to get mani and become most predominant daayan. Aakarsh says his mother needs to finish up human again, so she didn’t hurt Jahnvi yet. Jahnvi approaches then for what legitimate reason is her mother harming kids, made Prithvi and Vishaka obscenities, etc. Aakarsh demands that her landing ashes and don’t be so impolite. She demands that he free her and family and leaves. Rimpi walks around and unveils to Aakarsh that before kicking the container ruler muttered some secret in Jahnvi’s ears.

Aakarsh’s family figures by what technique will they get away from Aakarsh’s hotel. Veer says he will call police. Chachaji stops him and says they can’t risk any of relative’s life. Jahnvi enters saying Chachaji is right, they can’t risk anyone’s life and solicitations that they return to their room. She by then gives ruler’s searing flotsam and jetsam pot to Veer and demands that he disguise it in asylum till they submerge it in water tomorrow. In daayan’s den, her kin Kalnimi says her tyke sold out them by worshiping a human and taking a risk with their lives and plan. Daayan says her tyke is dependable to her and won’t sell out. Aakarsh creates. Daayan asks with respect to whether he got ruler’s blazing trash. He says he didn’t as Jahnvi told she doesn’t have them. Daayan asks in what capacity may he trust Jahnvi, that mean everyone are expressing right that he is outwardly impeded in Jahnvi’s fondness and is useless to them. She hurls her superpowers on him, yet Kalnimi bears them and solicitations to spare Aakarsh. Aakarsh evaporates saying he will do whatever he can and bring Devyani mani. Daayan says he won’t do anything beside verifying Jahnvi. Aakarsh returns to his hotel and thinks why Jahnvi is doing this. Jahnvi recollects Daayan revealing that Aakarsh is daayan and thinks why he sold out her till now. She recollects ruler berating on the opportunity that they use one’s inner powers, they can decimate savage powers. She endeavors to actuate her internal forces. Aakarsh enters with sustenance for her and says it is waste as this inclination is decades old and ruler was ace in it and it needs heaps of preparing for an impressive timeframe. Jahnvi says she will learn them and end daayan unmistakably. He demands that her have sustenance first as she didn’t have anything since morning. Jahnvi continues with tongue lashing him. Aakarsh calls Pritvhi, Vishaka, and Rimpi and frees them from Daayan’s dim spell. Vishaka asks with respect to whether she called her, where are they. Jahnvi grasps her and says they are in Aakarsh’s hotel and whole family is here. Rimpi vivaciously says she is back. Jahnvi sends them away. Aakarsh asks Jahnvi to empower him to get back mani. Jahnvi says that suggests he was dong business and not showing his reverence for her, by what means will he fathom what love is as he is daayan. She challenges him that she will fight and end daayan unmistakably, he and his mother can do anything they need. Aakarsh leaves.

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Prithvi, Vishakha, and Rimpi return to family. Dipank sincerely grasps Rimpi. Rimpi asks whaat had happened to her. Pritvhi demands that Harsh offer tyke to him. Merciless alerts him to stay away. Prithvi asks what happened. Taiji similarly alerts to stay away as he is constrained by daayan. Chachaji walks around them demonstrating rudraksha mala and cheers that they are out of daayan’s spell and grasps him. Jahnvi exits. Veer passes on blazing remains pot and offers it to her. She demands that he take it close lake, she will meet him there. Nandini returning from outside tending to Chandrika over phone sees Jahnvi and starts yelling at her. Jahnvi challenges and alerts that everyone perceive what she and Chandrika did. Nandini gets fearful and going about as saying ‘sorry’ her endeavors to strike her. Aakarsh comes to there and lifts Nndini holding her throat and disposing of her alerts how might she is to strike Jahnvi. NBandini is staggered to see his superpowers. Jahnvi escapes starting there and achieves close lake where Veer is holding up her with ruler’s searing flotsam and jetsam. Kalnemi strikes them and solicitations to return blazing flotsam and jetsam pot. Aakarsh arrives at there and stops Kalnemi. Their fight starts. Jahnvi with Veer continues running towards lake. Kalnemi shows Aakarsh that Jahnvi is running with powder pot. They both continue running towards Jahnvi, anyway she drop powder in lake. Aakarsh slaps her and a short time later hurls her in the slammer saying he won’t free her until she tell what ruler muttered in her ears before failing horrendously. She says she will never reveal it. Aakarsh says then she will be in jail for endlessness. Kalnemi returns to Daayan and instructs they lost ruler’s searing stays by virtue of Aakarsh. Daayan vapor. Aakarsh ascends there and instructs that master before passing on muttered devyani mani’s riddle in Jahnvi’s ears and he will find it out at any cost.

Precap: Jahnvi discloses to Veer that she knows where red stone is. A woman grins and says she will be liberated at last. Jahnvi asks Akarsh to get red stone from his mom. He says he can’t. She requests that he take her to his mom at that point.


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