Choti Sardarni 24th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher In Critical Condition


Choti Sardarni 24th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Sarab says everything was fine. For what reason did you do this God? Kindly don’t take my Meher from me. The specialist says we need to orchestrate O negative blood rapidly. Sarab reviews his minutes with Meher. Their signature tune plays. Sarab says baba ji, what did Meher do? She generally had your name on her mouth. I can’t chance Meher and my kid’s life. I need them both fine in my life, if you don’t mind The specialist comes and says Mr. Gill we are grieved. We can either spare the kid or Meher. If it’s not too much trouble choose. Sarab possessed the youngster and composing his name as the kid’s dad.

Sarab comes to OT. He strokes Meher’s face. Sarab hold’s Meher’s hand and kisses it. Sarab says I won’t let anything transpire. I will successfully spare you. The first occasion when I met you I knew Param can’t have a superior mother than you and I can’t have a superior life accomplice. He reviews Meher dealt with Param at the sanctuary and helped him discover his dad. She battled Sarab to ensure Sarab. Sarab reviews Meher’s minutes with him and Sarab.

Sarab reviews Meher revealing to him she’s pregnant with another person’ youngster. He reviews their wedding night. Sarab is in tears. He went to Serbia with Meher. Sarab says you will consistently be here with me and Param. He reviews when Meher gave him squeezed orange and he had a disturbed stomach. Meher giggled. He contacts her midsection. Sarab says Meher please open your eyes or I will have a vexed stomach. I won’t let anything transpire. He reviews when Meher took a chance with her life to spare Param. He says since that day, you have been at God’s level for me. Kindly open your eyes. We will return home and be with our family. He messed around with Meher. Sarab went to Meher’s place on valentine’s day. Sarab says I generally hear you out. If it’s not too much trouble hear me out. Open your eyes. Meher is coming up short on breath. Sarab shouts.. Meher ji.. Meher quits relaxing. Her pulse goes straight. Sarab shouts.



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