Choti Sardarni 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher Goes To Her Mother’s Place


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Scene 1
Meher says Param would you say you are a major kid or little? Daring or frail? Param says enormous and fearless. Meher says then you would need to remain at home with out mother. I need to go to my mother’s place. Param says in what manner will I live without my mom. Meher says you need a little child? Param says yes. Meher says then I need to proceed to bring him. Harleen says Meher is correct. Until the case is settled both of you shouldn’t meet. They will drag you in as well. Meher says Harleen is correct. If you don’t mind concur.

Jagga says somebody from the family is included however who? Amrita says I am truly frightened. Kulwant says nothing would turn out badly. Rana call Meher. I am stressed for her. Jagga says Meher bua came. Everybody is stunned. They run out. Meher is in the lobby. Kulwant says my girl is back. She embraces her. Kulwant says I was simply discussing you. Yuvi says please come in Meher. Amrita and Jeeto get her. Kulwant says we masterminded this space for you so you don’t need to go upstairs. Amrita says everything is according to your decision. Jeeto says we will set up the supper. You rest.

Meher sees the things from her adolescence and before the marriage. She sees her father’s photograph and cries. Meher was crying. Her father said for what reason is my girl crying? She said I was playing. Her mother considered me a hoodlum. I wouldn’t go out. Her father said you have done nothing incorrectly. So you never need to stow away. You need to remain by reality. Meher says I guarantee you I will consistently remain by reality. I will battle till I demonstrate my guiltlessness. Meher embraces him photograph.

Scene 2

Sarab and Tarkash are researching. Sarab says how about we go to the emergency clinic. Tarkash says no we won’t. In the event that we go there it may appear as though we are going there to expel the evidences.

Kulwant says to Meher and Jagga let police research. Both of you won’t include in the examinations. Meher says somebody did it for their advantage. I will discover the offender at any expense.

Harleen says Sarab media is after you and races are around the bend. Sarab says in the event that I don’t do anything Meher and Jagga would need to go behind the bars. Sarab and Meher state we will discover who is behind it. Param comes and plays Meher’s account, Sarab kindly do the supper and give Sarab prescription. Parma says she made a calendar for us. He says daddy don’t drink espresso before supper. Meher mom says.. Sarab says it slaughters hunger. I know. Harleen says have espresso on the off chance that you need. Sarab says no Meher is correct.

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Scene 3

Jagga says my business would be demolished. Everything was fine. I don’t have a clue how it occurred. She says it began since you got the tickets. You’re made for a business, not governmental issues. It sometimes falls short for you. When all is well, if you don’t mind return this ticket. We are cheerful as we seem to be.

Meher says Sarab is unusual. Sarab says she is so unusual. Meher says he didn’t inquire as to whether I came to. Sarab says she didn’t educate me she’s come to. The two of them call one another however their telephones are occupied because of one another’s call. Meher calls Harleen and says would you be able to please give the telephone to Sarab. His telephone is occupied. Harleen says he’s occupied. I need to hang up I am really busy something. Jagga comes in and gives Sarab’s telephone to Meher.

Sarab says where right? You didn’t call. Meher says what’s happening with you? He says following your timetable. Meher says to do everything on schedule. Did you do your supper? He says I figured you would state something different. Meher says you.. Sarab says in heart she can’t state I miss you. Meher says in heart he isn’t in any event, saying I miss you. Meher says I just called to state goodbye. Param takes the telephone and says father will get up late and afterward remain in the washroom for 4 hours. Sarab says you showed him this. Param says mother did you eat? Meher says yes I did. Meher says I am so pleased with you. Param says let me keep chickpeas for father. Sarab says thank you for making Parma such a decent kid. Sarab says you continue sending me your photograph each hour. Meher says in rest and shower as well? The two of them chuckle. Meher says we can’t meet till this case is finished. We need to adhere to calls. Sarab hangs up and says it’s Valentine’s tomorrow. I will meet her at all the expense.

Precap-Sarab masks as milkman and goes to Meher’s place.


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