Choti Sardarni 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: Sarab Tells Harleen About Param


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Scene 1
Sarab organized phony reports for Param. Meher says say thanks to God. Sarab says it was nourishment as it were. Meher says to Param you will just eat well nourishment now. At last I can relax. I was so frightened. We will do langar on Sunday. Meher embraces Param. Sarab takes a gander at them. The specialist asked Sarab never to give Meher any worry in pregnancy.

Jagga says to Amrita this house was so glad. I don’t have the foggiest idea what occurred. Kulwant says would you disregard your mother? I will make Bitu apologize to you. Try not to go please. Jagga says it’s pointless to converse with him. We have finished this house. It’s little. Yuvi says we won’t disregard dadi. Amrita says go rest. Also, you concluded it.

Harleen says this Meher makes dramatization over little things. Dolly says she is much the same as her mother. It was drying out as it were. Harleen says she made him tired today also. Dolly says Meher left Lohri when you tied his turban. Harleen says as though I didn’t deal with Param before her. Sarab says enough. He grasps Harleen’s hand adn takes her out. He says see this. See the reports. On the off chance that Meher wasn’t here we won’t ever know Param has such genuine condition. Dolly says what was the deal? Sarab says there’s a tumor in his liver and we need to get is worked. Harleen is stunned. Harleen cries. Sarab cries and says why my Param. The two of them cry. Rovi says everything would be fine. Dolly is crying too. She says we need to remain solid. Nothing will happen to our Param. Harleen says I am sorry Sarab. I didn’t have the foggiest idea. yet, Meher said it was drying out as it were. Sarab says I deceived her. Kindly don’t advise her. It tends to be perilous for her. Meher adores Param. Kindly don’t advise her.

Meher comes there. Sarab and Harleen wipe their tears. Meher says what was the deal? Harleen says we were thinking to eat in the grass. Meher says in heart Harleen is returning to typical. Meher says what are Param’s reports doing here? I put them in the wardrobe. Meher picks them. Harleen takes them and says I was perusing them no doubt. Meher says we should go supper is prepared. She heads inside. Sarab cries. Harleen supports him.

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Param is sleeping. Sarab sees him in tears. He reviews his minutes with Param. He reviews what the specialist said. Harleen says I have addressed our PCP in the US. Sarab says Param would get treated here. We will get the best specialist. Meher says I will complete his tests and mastermind the liver. We will all get tried. Rovi says I drink, so I don’t figure I would be the opportune individual. Sarab says won’t Meher inquire as to for what reason would we say we are completing tests? Harleen says I will send her out with some reason.

Scene 2

Param is preparing. Param says mom, dad’s telephone is ringing. Meher says it’s awful habits to pick somebody’s telephone. Sarab says Meher please check. The specialist is on the opposite side. She says we have orchestrated a few benefactors. If it’s not too much trouble meet them at 11. Meher says some Sanjina called and said she found the benefactor. Sarab is stunned. Meher says for who? Sarab says you’re asking who Sanjina is? She says no the giver. Sarab says my representative’s little girl isn’t well. Meher says I trust she recovers soon. Children are touchy.

Param cries. Sarab runs ground floor. Param is crying. Param says I drank milk and I heaved. Meher says you should talk. For what reason is everybody so genuine? Sarab giggles and says you retched from your nose? Sarab says you should remain at home. Param says no I have a match. Dolly says you had lack of hydration. Meher says she is correct. Sarab embraces Param and says I won’t let anything transpire.

Precap-Param swoons. Meher and Harleen race to him.


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