Bigg Boss 13 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update: No Elimination This Week


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Day 105
11:30 PM
Sid asks Sana to come inside. Salman came for you. Sana says I want to go out, I will talk to him later. Ask him to come here. Sid says he is Salman Khan. Salman asks Sid to come inside. He tells the inmates that she is not a kid. Arti brings Sans inside. Sana says sorry to Salman and says I pointed at you. Salman says why were you beating yourself? Sana says I disrespected you. Salman says you beat Sid, what about that? Sana says I don’t care about him. Salman says if you are like this then it will be a problem for you. Do you think you are Katrina Kaif? Sana says I am not proud. Salman says are you jealous? Sana cries and says no, I am not jealous. Mahira goes and hugs her. Sana says I want to hug Salman, I am sorry. Salman says I don’t care, it will affect you only. She hugs Salman and says sorry. Salman says it’s okay. Sana says I thought you came to take my bag. Salman laughs. Salman cuts the cake with everyone. He says I have to tell you who I am taking from here today. Salman says Sana is going with me. Sana laughs and takes her bag. She says I am happy that you are taking me out. Salman takes her bag. He hugs her everyone and comes to the garden. He hugs Sana and says you are staying here. There is no elimination, we are carrying forward the nominations this week.

Salman tells Sana that you are not stupid, are you hurt? Sana says yes, Sid does things. Salman says are you girlfriend and boyfriend? Sana laughs and says we have an attachment, I don’t care about others. Sana says Gautam used to sit alone in the house too. Salman says he is doing the movie with me now. He tells Sana that my sisters have never behaved like this, don’t be stubborn, don’t demand but command, don’t demand attention. Don’t act like kids, become mature now. You flip and then you have expectations. He hugs her and wishes them. He leaves.

12:30 AM
Sid brings food to Sana. Sana says no, I am not eating. I don’t want to be on the hit list again, my family must suffer. Sid says you were fine here till yesterday. Sana says why are you here? Sid says to take footage. Sana says I have listened to Salman and I will follow him. Sid says you are very smart. Sana says I am sorry for hitting you, they must have shown you the footage. Sid says I am not saying anything. He laughs and says they showed you slapping me 4 times. Sana says let’s stay away for our respects. People loved me and you think that I have become proud? these people wanted me out of this house but Salman came here.

1:45 AM
Sana tells Sid that I don’t want to talk to you, you hurt me. Sid asks her to come to bed. Sana says I have no problem, you can talk to anyone you want. I will talk to you only when you don’t talk to anyone else. Sid leaves.

Day 106
8 AM
Inmates wake up to the song fan hogya plays. Sana dances, Sid looks on.

12:15 PM
Vishal tells Paras that it looks like Sana has been eliminated. Shefali says we were not like this even when we were 15. Mahira says I am 22. Shefali says you are the youngest and you are mature. Mahira says she asked Salman if she is jealous as she wanted him to say no.

Rashami tries to talk to Sana but she doesn’t talk.

1:30 PM
Arti comes to Sana and says this attitude is not good. Sana says clear what you said. Arti says I just said that you are possessive. Sana says I am hurt, I can’t hear all this. Paras started flirting with me since the start and then when I had feelings, he said that I was behind him. He then told me that Mahira was jealous of me. He then went to Mahira and said the same thing about me. He made two girls fight for him so he would look like a hero. Arti says if you have a problem with a word then ignore it. All love you. Sana says I saw your love yesterday, you people don’t care. Arti says you don’t value people caring for you.

Madhu tries to talk to Sana but Sana says leave me alone. Madhu says we did it for you.

Paras tells Arti that we should stop pampering her, she didn’t even listen to Salman.

Sana is sitting alone. Sid is lying in front of her with Arti. He tells Sid that I am going, nobody should lie here. He leaves. Arti tells Sana that come here. She kisses her cheeks and says don’t slap me. Sana laughs. Arti praises her lips. Sana weeps. Sid comes to Sana and says what happened? Sana says I don’t want to talk to anyone.

6 PM
Arti asks Madhu to wash the dishes. Madhu says I need a partner. Shefali says we all are doing work. Madhu says don’t shout. Madhu says you are not a captain, you are crazy. Shefali says don’t misbehave, I am talking nicely, do your work. Madhu says get lost. Arti asks them to stop it. Madhu says we are talking Arti but Shefali started shouting, she is a . Shefali shouts that don’t call me *, you are a ****. Madhu says you are a loser and crazy. You should get checked, we all are working. Sana whispers in Madhu’s ear that why Shefali was not working when I asked her? Madhu tells Shefali that you were not working yesterday. Madhu asks Shefali to keep shouting.
Asim tells Rashami that Shefali wants to poke Madhu.
Madhu tells Shefali to behave herself. Shefali says you throw slippers at people. Madhu says I was not talking to you, you don’t tell me anything, you started this, you cursed me first. You are a loser. Shefali says to show your personality. Vishal starts helping Madhu with the dishes.

6 PM
Shefali tells Paras that Sana was whispering to Madhu. They can’t change. Madhu tells Vishal that this was brunch’s duty, it was your duty. Vishal says this was breakfast, it was your duty, you can wash some dishes. Madhu says stop saying rubbish. Vishal says you are running away from your duties. Madhu says this was brunch, they were eating after breakfast. Vishal tells Madhu that you left your dishes, you can talk nicely. Madhu says you are crazy. Vishal says remain in your limits.

7:30 PM
Sid tells Arti that Vishal is way better than Madhu. Madhu is an idiot, I don’t know if they are playing it. Arti says I can’t understand if they are fighting for the camera. Their love is not working. Sid says darling this can’t be love, if they have so much rage against each other then they can’t be in a relationship. They think that they won’t find anyone else. Arti says there is no love, not even respect. Sid says this is all orchestrated. They are a joke. Arti says they have made a drama of themselves.

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8:45 PM
Vishal tells Madhu that you started shouting at me. Madhu says they made brunch, you can ask them. Vishal says it was breakfast. Madhu says talk to my ass. Vishal says go back to sleep.

9 PM
Sana goes to the treadmill. Sid says oh my God. Sana says I am not talking to you. Sid tells Arti that there is a limit, I tried to talk to her, did everything but she is over-doing it.

Arti tells Sana that Sid can’t keep pacifying you. Sana says I will be away from the person that is hurting me.

2 AM
Sana comes and lies in her bed. She hugs Sid. Sid says don’t do it. She caresses his hair. Sid says I don’t want to talk to you.

Day 107
8:30 AM
Sana comes to Sid and says you are miffed with me? She kisses his forehead. Sid says I want to sleep. She kisses his face.

11:15 AM
Sana hugs Sid and says you are making faces. Sid hugs her. Sana says don’t hurt me. Sid laughs and says what should I say? Sana says to ask about my day, love me and kiss me daily. Love me so much that you find me after we are out of the house. Sid says right. Sana says I am in love, she slaps him and says I can hit you. Sid moves away. Sana says you can beat me, you have right on me. Sid says okay, you can beat me. Sana says I was hurt when you came to my side in the jealousy task. I never flipped from your side, you are mine and I will not spare anyone who tries to take you away. I don’t want to win the game, I want to win you over, you don’t hurt me. Sid says I am not hurting you. Sana says I love you, you hug me. Sid hugs her. Sana says I love you. He says okay. Sana says tell me you love me too. Sid hugs her and doesn’t say it back. Sana says you can I love you too. Sid says I love you too.

12:15 PM
Sana and Sid are in bed. They are cuddling. Sana says we have one month here, after this, we will have to be in a relationship to meet. Sid laughs. Sana says I will miss you, how much you love me? Sid says as much as you do. Sana says what can you do in my love? Sid laughs.

1:30 PM
Paras pulls Mahira and kisses her cheek. Mahira laughs and says teases him saying I will cut your lips. Paras says you have a nalla (hindi slang – useless) brother and now you want to cut mine. Mahira says don’t talk about my family like that. Paras says I was talking while joking. Mahira says you are talking on camera. Paras throws the baskets and says don’t show me this attitude. He goes out.
Paras tells Arti that Mahira was over-reacting. Arti says people are sensitive about their families. Shefali asks him to calm down.

3:15 PM
Asim tells Mahira that everybody is losing weight. Shefali says why? Asim says I am talking to Mahira, I don’t want to talk to you. Shefali says you are misbehaving now. Asim says I am not talking to you. Shefali says you should use your mind.

Sana tells Madhu that I learned a lot, I shouldn’t have reacted in front of Salman, I beat myself as I saw my mother one time but I will never do it again.
Shefali tells Asim that she was just asking him. Asim says don’t talk to me.

3:45 PM
Paras tries to hug Mahira. Mahira says don’t do it. Paras says you enjoy it too. Mahira says you have no shame? You enjoy it as a guy, don’t say all that. Paras says I will not take anyone’s shit. Mahira says I told you to not kiss me but I don’t say anything as it’s good. Paras says now you say that you like it? He hugs Mahira. Mahira says my family is not open-minded. Paras says you like it. Shefali asks what happened? She asks Paras to not kiss her if she doesn’t want it. Shefali says I am clearing for both of you. Mahira tells Paras that don’t say I am enjoying it. She hugs him.

6 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that there is one winner for all the seasons but other inmates become famous too. You all be remembered too. Some inmates should be praised more than the others that is why we have opened an elite club, members will get their jackets, they will use the lounge of the club and also they will get one week’s immunity which they can use anytime they want. This time, Sana and Asim have a chance to become the first member. The judge should be a person who deserved to be a member of this club, who lived her journey and made the audience a part of it, she respected the show. We welcome Season 11 finalist Hina Khan. She enters the house. Hina meets everyone. Bigg Boss tells that Arti will play for Sana and Rashami will play for Asim. Hina says one will become the member today, you have to tell why you are better than others. Asim says Sana flips so much, I am staying where I was, I didn’t make any group. Arti says Sana flipped because she takes a stand, she goes against her group to take a stand, she took a stand for Vishal and went against her own group. Rashami says Sana’s game is all about attention.

PRECAP- Hina asks Mahira why Sana shouldn’t be the member? Paras says Sana flips and hurts everyone.
Arti tells Sana that you flip from your own people to listen to that from them (Rashami and Asim). They put you down and don’t value you.
Rashami tells Hina that I can’t trust Sana, she can flip anytime she wants. Hina says maybe that’s her personality, she is not faking.
Vishal tells Sana that you shouldn’t do a favor of taking my name and then calling me weak. Sana says I was the only one to take your name, this Rashami and Asim wanted to save themselves. Rashami says calling someone weak is not okay, you make him feel weak. It is wrong. Vishal says I have a problem with word weak like Sana has a problem with jealousy word. Sana says there is no point in taking a stand.
Asim tells Hina that I never made a friend with the intention of playing a game. Sid says he is lying,. Shefali says he played the game with me. Asim says I couldn’t trust her. Shefali says then why did you become my friend? Hina says everybody flips in this house.


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