Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th April 2021 Written Episode Update : Danny decides to remarry Anita

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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 8th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Danny feeding birds, Tiwari joins him and calls him Dad, Danny says when did I meet your mother, Tiwari says I meant if your Bhabhiji’s father, Danny asks who Bhabhiji, Tiwari says Anita, I am their neighbour Manmohan Tiwari,Vibhu is at ours now, Danny says throw him out, and find a lawyer for their divorce, he has spoilt my daughter’s life, Tiwari very happy agrees and says I will kick him out, Danny says very good and leaves. Tiwari says I will impress Danny this way.

Vibhu asks Angoori to get food says he is very hungry, Angoori says here is food, Vibhu says I am sorry to disturb you, Angoori says you are my neighbour why will you disturb me, Vibhu says thank god you are here, Angoori says don’t worry Anita and Danny will realise their mistake and call you back home, have home. Vibhu says you are so nice, Angoori says so does Anu, Vibbu says yes she loves me a lot and about to have a bite, Tiwari stops him says she hates you and not a bite here eat from dustbin, Vibhu says I will but dont kick me out, Tiwari says Anu and Danny have asked me to kick you out, Angoori scolds Tiwari and says what behaviour is this, Tiwari says don’t tell me what is good and bad, Vibhu says I don’t have a place, Tiwari says stay beneath the bridge, Angoori says I wont talk to you, Vibhu snatches Parathas and leave.

Anu fights with Danny for his behaviour with Vibhu, Danny says you are spoiled all because of Vibhu, Anu says he is my husband, Helan says how can you throw my son out of his own house, Danny says this house isnt his, it belongs to my friend Sharma and Anu pays rent, Helan says he pays rent, Anu says he is lying he hasn’t paid a rupee yet, Danny says you can stay here Helan, I don’t have problem with you, Helan says okay. Tilu Malkan walk in and ask for salary, Danny walks to them and removes Tilu’s wig, and says you are fake like that baby get out and slaps them.

Tiwari looking for Saxena, asks Pelu, Pelu says he is in Nehru Nagar there is Lathi charge going there. Master asks what is it, Tiwari says I want a divorce lawyer, Master says all good with Angoori, Tiwari says its for Anu and Vibhu, Master says shame on you breaking neighbours house and hits him hard leaves. Pelu gives number to Tiwari, Tiwari makes a call, Pelu receives call.

Danny locks Anu, Anu says Vibhu I am missing you so much you promised me so wont leave me and go, Vibhu says and I am here, gets in from bedroom balcony, Anu says I will die without you, Vibhu says me too, Anu says Danny is here for sometime he will go soon, Vibhu says he wants to remarry you, Anu says I am already married I wont, Vibhu Anu see Danny shaking ladder, Vibhu says I am scared save me Anu, Danny says a fraud man can’t me my son in law, Anu says he is my husband, forgive him. Danny pushes ladder, Vibhu falls down.

Prem on call says I will increase salary don’t worry. Vibhu walks to him and says Prem I want to work, Prem says is it, O had offered you manager post, Vibhu says give me now, I really need it, Prem says there is no manager job.
Danny on call with Rahul says Anu is waiting for you and she is single and will marry you, come evening I will announce your wedding, Anu walks to him and says what is this, Helan says she is married, Danny says it was a joke she played with an unemployed son, Helan says my son is not unemployed, Anu says enough, Danny says come with me to America I will show you how peaceful my life is, Anu says my peace is herw, Helan says I am so proud of you, Danny says of you don’t agree to what I say, you will see my dead face.

Prem gets call from Danny, says dont worry. Prem says you have party at your house, Anita’s engagement party and I need waiter will you, Vibhu says yes.
Tiwari says to Danny on call he and Angoori will surely come and he feels like they are connected, fatherly feeling, bye.
Angoori asks Tiwari what is it, Tiwari says we have invitation from Anita’s house, Angoori says go then, I won’t go to that house where Vibhu was kicked off just because he has no money,and cant be with his wife, Tiwari says yes he doesn’t deserve Anu, Angoori says I didn’t do that to you when you were unemployed in our marriage early stages, Tiwari says come lets go, Angoori says no, Tiwari says I swear you, Angoori gets angry and leaves.

Pre cap: Danny announces Anita and Rahul’s engagement. Vibhu there as waiter, Anu and Rahul dance, Anu looks at Vibhu.