Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 14th February 2020 Written Episode Update Angoori Confeses


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Angoori considering how to make Tiwari sleep,so she can proceed to take jewelry. Angoori says to Tiwari that she isnt drowsy and will sort out cabinet. Tiwari says im sentimental, Angoori says I wi sing for you and makes him nod off.

Angoori leaves when Tiwari nods off. Angoori goes to Vibhus house and takes neckband. Vibhu sees her, says I realized she will come. Tiwari awakens sees Angoori concealing jewelry, thinks god she got it back. Angoori nods off. Tiwari returns to keep the jewelry, Vibhu sees him. Tiwari returns home and rests. Vibhu says god this man doesn’t comprehend hardly any things. Vibhu heads inside and holds the neckband back in cabinet at Tiwaris and leaves.

Angoori awakens and discloses to Tiwari she envisioned that cheat went into their home, Tiwari says quit watching dumb dreams and rest. Young men in a correctional facility confronting torment and revile Saxena, Hapu says shut up, Hapu asks Mkhwana to record proclamation that young men have taken necklace,Boys state we haven’t in any case, Tilu says we wont do anything you desire to,Hapu says don’t taste me, Malkan says how much will you torment us now, Hapu says simply pause and watch.

Helan says Vibhu im sure Anu took it, Vibhu says I confide in Anu she hasnt,Helan says you confide in her and not me, listen I can challenge you, on the off chance that you refute me I wull go out right away,Anu exits with her sack, Anu says you don’t have to yet I will, Tiwari strolls in and claims that neckband is in pack and if its not make me seat in jackass, Anu says why you continue interfering. Helan goes check and discovers nothing.

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Angoori strolls in and says accessory is here,i had taken it, and clarifies the situation, Angoori apologize. Vibhu says we are neighbors anything for you, Angoori leaves. Anu says its demonstrated I haven’t taken it,Helan says I had brought this accessory for you both get energized and leave.

Vibhu says Tiwari hold up I will make game plans of a jackass. Makhwana asks young men how the torment, Boys in torment, Hapu strolls in police headquarters and ask did they give articulation. Saxena strolls in and attorney.

Saxena requests young men bail.

Tiwari shock Angoori with Valentine’s blessings and beautification. Tiwari communicates his affection to her.

Precap : Vibhu understands news, that administration has declared 1 lakh present for whoever wins the challenge.


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