Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 13th January 2020 Written Episode Update : Anita In Trouble


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Ani in showcase purchasing natural products, a criminal gradually sneaks a pen drive in her wallet and leaves. Wear sees it and says this pendrive os significant for me I will get it. Blushing says what will we do sir. Anu purchases foods grown from the ground. Wear and Rosy follow Anu.

Vibhu strolls to Angoori, Angoori says I went market,i saw you there, Vibhu asks what time, Angoori says around 4.30 and I called you too yet you didn’t noticed,Vibhu says im so grieved, Tiwari says I was there too,and you were being compromised by your cash loan specialists, Vibhu says bhabhiji im sorry for that. Tiwari says I have seen something, you regard Angoori a great deal.

Hapu strolls to them and asks whats the topic,Tiwari says Vibhu regards Angoori a great deal, Hapu says me too,Tiwari affronts Hapu, says not at all like you who eyes each lady.

Anu goes bank, Rosy and Don follow her,Don and Rosy sit tight for Anu, they see Anu turn out without satchel.

Tiwari assists Anu with conveying pack, and acclaims her, Vibhu strolls to them and asks where were you,Anu says it required some investment in bank, Vibhu sees Tiwari helping Anu and applauds him, Anu concurs.

Vibhu and Tiwari acclaim one another.

Wear gets enthusiastic seeing their bond, Rosy inquires as to why so passionate, Don says helped to remember my old companion.

Young men examining about shukla sisters.

Shukla sisters welcome young men to jalwa disco bar at 9 and leave.

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Angoori purchasing vegetables, Vibhu strolls to her, Angoori anticipating vegetables. Angoori sees a saree and adores it, Angoori on hearing its value says its excessively costly, she begins bartering and finals on 3000, Angoori discovers she doesnt have cash and says keep it aside I wilo go get cash. He says I cant. hold up heartbroken, Vibhu attempts to persuade retailer, he says you pay in the event that you so stressed, Angoori says Vibhu please pay,Vibhu sees Teeka tallying cash and says sure bhabhiji I will he back please pause.

Teeka talking about with young men that he has just 3000 and we have to oversee 6000,Vibhu says I will, pay me 3000 now, and I will pay 6000, Teeka inquires as to for what reason will we, and what ensure we have.

Vibhu calls Saxena and says he is my guarantee,lawyer. Saxena says alright in the event that he doesn’t pay you, you can hit him with shoes whenever likewise you can recover your cash by selling his cash, Vibhu says are you out of brain, Saxena says what will you bargain on at that point, Vibhu says OK bargain.

Precap : Don goes to meet somebody for help who is Vibhus look a like.


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