Beyhadh 2 13th February 2020 Written Episode Update: Maya And Rudra’s Romance


Beyhadh 2 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

MJ tells Rudra and Maya that her will shoot Maya. Rudra gets strained. Antara says unwind and calls picture taker. MJ says for tomorrow occasion photoshoot is vital for the good of another relative. Rudra says Maya doesn’t care for photography. MJ says she is so delightful and reality ought to be appeared and not covered up, he needed family photography. Maya says lets do it. Rudra says he figured she didn’t care for photography. She says with him in her life, she is prepared to confront anything. MJ clicks photographs with Maya. Maya says hustle just a bit as she has some work. MJ calling her Manvi says he didn’t realize she can control her dread and holds her shoulder. Rudra rejoins them.

Maya reasons and hurrying to her room remains under high temp water scouring her shoulder more than once. After shower, she look through Rudra. Rudra strolls to her out of nowhere. She embraces him firmly. He inquires as to whether she is fine. She gestures yes. He says there is an issue, he needs to go to father and mother’s room. She anxiously inquires as to why. He says she made restroom as her room, so he may need to go utilize his folks’ washroom in the first part of the day. She giggles. He says her grin may end his life one day. She cautions not to say that. He gets sentimental and hits the dance floor with her. A sentimental melody plays out of sight. He gets personal and takes her to bed. She shies, yet then observing family pic with MJ in it thinks back past and pushes Rudra away. Rudra asks what occurred. She says per past frequents her. Rudra says until she concurs, he won’t take their relationship forward, and so forth. She says she realizes he won’t cross the utmost with her desire and inclines toward his lap.

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Next morning, Ananya picks her assets from Rudra’s office. Rudra strolls to her and says in the event that she is as yet irate. She says he finished everything and reminds him her words that in the event that he leaves wedding mantap, she will cut off their association. He mightily takes her crate and genuinely says he fouled up, yet on the off chance that he had hitched her, he would have done treachery to him, her, and Maya. Ananya says he slighted their kinship and there is nothing left among them and leaves there. Rudra gets enthusiastic.

MJ strolls to Maya. Maya gets anxious seeing him. MJ says regardless of whether she consumes herself with bubbling water, she can’t end his touch. She calls Rudra. MJ says she might be Maya for the world, yet for him his Manvi. He contacts her erotically. Rudra strolls in calling Maya. Rudra says he came to blessing their family neckband to Maya and attempts to dorn it. Rudra stops him and himself fixes it in Maya’s neck. Maya. Maya unwinds. Rudra says tomorrow’s gathering is exceptionally luxurious as individuals will meet Maya Rudra Roy. Rudra says its Rudra Maya Jaysingh Roy rather, world has changed and one should regard other’s sentiments. Maya says he is correct, she is Maya Rudra Roy as Maya Jaisingh doesn’t have the foggiest idea what love is and Maya Rudra Roy knows. MJ contacting her face says magnificent, love, trust, and so on., will she go to tomorrow’s gathering. She says obviously father.

Precap: MJ trims Maya’s hair tresses. Rudra strolls in.


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