Bepanah Pyaar 27th December 2019 Written Episode Update: Kunti Takes Over Aditi’s Place In Pooja


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The show begins when Raghbir arrives at the entryway of Sahas room and discovers Pragati encouraging him with her hand. Pragati’s consideration goes to him when his telephone chime rings. She hands to bowl to Sahas and goes out to address Raghbir. She was persuaded that Sahas was discouraged here. Raghbir considers him a beguiling. Raghbir and Pragati have a contention. Kunti hears this and was upbeat that Sahas took in a great deal in her organization.

At home, the arrangements for Pooja were prepared. Aditi discloses to her children that they commend this Pooja for harmony and congruity in their home. She wedded Devraj on this date and from that point forward they have been praising the day with Pooja. Devraj comes tossing flower petals over Aditi and wishing her commemoration. Shifali applies a dark tikka on them.

Upstairs, Pragati discovers Kunti go into her room troubled. She was certain Kunti won’t be cheerful and will without a doubt attempt to destroy their joy. Kunti was forceful in her room and tosses everything in her room. She talks in the mirror that she is Devraj’s first spouse, she holds more directly over him than Aditi. She chooses that today not Aditi but rather she will sit with Devraj.

Pragati comes to assist the young ladies with Aditi’s wedding clothing thaal. Aditi comes ground floor and yells at Pragati for setting out to contact her effects. Pragati’s hitched life has been demolished, she is carrying on with a bombed wedded life; in any event she should not destroy her wedded life. Raghbir comes to assist his sisters with the thaal, he inquires as to whether she has an issue with him contacting this, his wedded life is similarly demolished and fizzled. Aditi says this house has a place with her, she will choose who can do what in this house. Pragati goes upstairs. Shifali sends Raghbir behind Pragati and talks about with Priya that Aditi demolished Pragati’s state of mind.

Raghbir goes to Pragati’s room entryway. He reviews about the previous evening and leaves. Pragati was crying in her room, at that point comforts herself that she got another opportunity simply because Raghbir is in his destiny.

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Devraj was restless to see Aditi wearing her marriage clothing. Pragati remained in a corner and doesn’t go along with them. Raghbir more than once goes to look towards her. Kunti figures this joy of Aditi won’t keep going long, and she will wind up in tears today. Pandit ji plays out the aarti and disperses Prasad. Raghbir takes the Prasad and carries it to Pragati. Pragati was upbeat and opens her palms. Raghbir holds her hands and fives a chomp into her mouth. Sahas exhaust as he kisses Pragati’s brow. He supplements her dress with approval and solicitations her to grin.

Pandit ji declares the start of Pooja. Pragati sends Raghbir to go to the Pooja. Pandit ji welcomes Devraj to sit with his better half. He stops Aditi and says his first spouse Kunti must stay here for Pooja. Aditi contends that she generally sits for this pooja. Pandit ji answers that Kunti wasn’t here at that point, since she is back its ceremonial for the principal spouse to sit for Pooja. Aditi leaves the lobby irritated. Pandit ji doesn’t let Devraj go behind her as it might be an awful sign. Pragati thinks she knew Kunti would make some issue.

Aditi was crying in her room when Pragati fights against eminent loss. Aditi faults Pragati for being an evil sign, as she had contacted her wedding dress. Pragati takes Aditi along to explain a couple of things about Kunti. In the lobby, she prevents Pandit ji from carrying on the Pooja. She inquires as to why a spouse is called Ardhangini. Pandit ji clarifies that spouse finishes a family and her significant other, she deals with kids, her better half and his home. Pragati says every one of these duties have consistently been satisfied by Aditi at that point.

PRECAP: Kunti was incensed over Pragati and holds and hostility with Aditi too. Pragati watches her quietly assault Aditi as Aditi remained toward the finish of overhang.


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