Barister Babu 25th March 2020 Written Episode Update: Saudamini Finds A Golden Chance


Barister Babu 25th March 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode begins with Saudamini coming to Anirudh. She says if enchantment existed, everything would have been the equivalent. He says on the off chance that I might, I be able to would have done enchantment and made everything the equivalent. She gives him the tea. He says you lied, you have enchantment in your grasp, I truly required this tea. She gets bread rolls for him. He says its London scones. She says truly, you got it last time. He destroyed the rolls. She asks what occurred. He says its terminated scones. She says taste resembled previously. He says you realize that cleanliness is required, you realize I can’t endure anything awful, on the off chance that you need the bread rolls, I will request that my companion get it. She says well done for your degree. He expresses profound gratitude, you will get a gathering, I need to proceed to restore this book. She grins.

She drinks the left over tea. She gets glad. Dida comes. Saudamini says Bondita wets the bed around evening time, Anirudh has hitched a young lady, by what means will she deal with her marriage. Bondita tidies up the room. Saudamini says new bahu needs to do a great deal to substantiate herself in Sasural, will the young lady have the faculties. Dida says you are fortunate to get hitched at a correct age, Bondita is youthful and got hitched, in any case, I m on your side. Bondita says Saudamini is extremely pleasant, she ought to get a decent spouse, not a furious man like Anirudh. Dida asks what’s this. Saudamini says Anirudh has tossed the old scones, I felt he will toss Bondita moreover. Dida inquires as to why, did he leave her duty. Saudamini says he doesn’t care for anything unhygienic, will he endure Bondita, when he realizes that she is wetting the bed each day and breaking the cleanliness. Saudamini sees Bondita imploring. She says Bondita will be setting off to her mum until the end of time.

Sampoorna goes to her room. Saurabh attempts to stand out enough to be noticed. He says you ought to apologize to me, for what reason are you maintaining a strategic distance from me. She deceives rest and cries. He yells on her. She reviews Biraj’s words. Biraj sees this and cries. Saurabh’s mum says until we get the five goats, their life shouldn’t get any adoration. Bondita pees on the seat and finds a workable pace. She says I have peed by and by. She attempts to cover it up. She says there is no aroma here, in what manner will I stop this terrible stench. Anirudh returns home with Saurabh.

He asks does Sampoorna go to the waterway for shower. Saurabh says indeed, all the ladies go. Anirudh asks don’t you feel terrible that she goes there to shower in open. Saurabh says no, everybody goes there, not many individuals have claim washrooms like you. Anirudh says we can make open toilets for everybody. Saurabh says yes. Bondita tosses the cover out of the window. She bolts the entryway. She reviews Anirudh’s words. Saudamini comes. She hears Bondita saying she has tossed the sweeping down. She figures I will draw out Bondita’s fact out. Trilochan inquires as to for what reason would you like to squander cash in making open toilets for ladies. Anirudh says ladies can utilize it. Trilochan and Anirudh contend. Binoy sits quiet and hears them.

Anirudh says what’s the contrast among people and creatures, if everybody washes up in open, ladies ought to be regarded. Binoy inquires as to for what reason are you contending, you do anything you need, you need to bring a change. Anirudh says change drops by endeavors, I will attempt. Binoy says proceed to converse with the city hall leader, on the off chance that he allows, at that point we will give you cash to satisfy this work, proceed to show your frenzy. Anirudh says I have come to change figuring, I will do it, open latrine will be made for ladies. He asks Saurabh to accompany her. Saudamini stops Batuk and asks did you conceal it from me. Batuk says nothing. She says you have gotten more astute than me, you have tossed downer outside right, you have peed in the bed right. He says no, I m not a little child. She says everybody will think you have done this, you will be rebuffed. Bondita sits frightened and sits tight for Saudamini.

Precap:Batuk gets the smelling cover. He says somebody has peed on the bed, Bondita has done this. Everybody gets stunned.


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